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SM2 Execom

here are the SM2 pics i found @friendster
(through Erika's site, thx Kai!)...
through all the sleepless nights and emergency meetings...
they all came to a fruition
of a dyanamic, enriching and transformational
two-venued conference!
it was a collaborative work of
the three main G12 networks
in Mindanao which are led
by pastors ruffy lagat, noel alkuino & herly montes.
the second of the annual G12 conferences here
(excluding the previous summits and G12 conferences),
SM2 marked yet another consuming fire
for evangelism and discipleship.
Yes, G12 is a system. But G12 is character.
As part of the SM2 Executive Committee,
i learned a lot from planning,
shifting (being flexible),
creative and diligent,
selfless and faithful!
We're now all back to our respective congregations.
but we're happier in serving
and more excited at what God has in store
for the Mindanao churches!
We caught the spirit of the vision
and we will run with it!!!
(for sermon notes, check langga's blog)

the venuses of SM2.

pizza lunch

the guys

brooke witmer tried the native durian!!! pastor noel alkuino (left) and pastor frank (right) munching it too!

ate alma, erika, & moi

1am @ bistro rosario with...
ps. rich witmer & brooke,
ps. oriel & ate ger ballano,
ps. frank santos & joshua,
ps. johnny touzet
and ps. ricaro santiago!

Cell Leaders' Summit

It's our Cell Leaders' Summit today.
We were so blessed by Ptr.Rich Witmer's teaching on Discipleship (to be relational). We studied Elijah and Elisha's ways of leading and we were corrected and inspired. We know we can improve!

Though not many Eagurlz came,we were still happy to come up with new ideas on winning and strengthening the leaders. We are still going to reinforce the pertinent things we're already doing and then, we ended with the following plans... (For all the credits, God takes it all!)

Sunday Prayer Marathon (7:30AM-8:30AM)

52 Days Prayer Chain – padaun! (Sept.4-Oct.25)
21 Days Daniel’s Fast (Oct.25-Nov.14)
-NO pork/beef
-NO junk food/drinks
-latest sleep time: 9:30pm every night of the 21 days

Conquest Night (once in two months/bi-monthly)
October (MAAN's Network) and December (TBA)
-Orphanage / Streets: Bread giving

Pre-Enc Committee: Flight E144: Ready for Take Off
(Langga, Grace, Karen, Venies, Annie, Kizha)
Moderator: AJ Herbas
Meet the PreEnc Girls every after PreEnc
-what you received/understood
-name games

T-Shirt Printing:
Purple shirt with handwriting font-printed Eagurlz Cheer!
Back: Eagle’s Wings!!!

Verse: 1Corinthians 2:9 “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.”
Isaiah 64:4 “For since the world began, no ear has heard, and no eye has seen a God like You, who works for those who wait for Him.”

newboys drums solo - - supah AWESOME!!!

i am beatless.
but i do love beats.
All big C at that!
may Christian beat pala?
Christian lyrics?
heavenly beat?
anu b talaga?
haha, whatever woi!)
my younger sissie does play the drums at our church, though.
and how i wish i can do at least the 16 beat.
well, just a proof of my none existent thought-arms-legs coordination!
anyway, my parents just purchased a Vic firth pair of drumsticks last Monday. and they wowed me when they got home.
so i hasted at the chance of handling them!
but oops, one of the two slipped out from my grip.
i'm definitely not the dummer girl type.
but i still love the drums.
and i still wish to keep a set in my future house!
(as traditionalists would keep a piano at home though no one knows how to play it! Yet I do--the widow thing! So I think hoarding an instrument i dunno how to play makes it even! *.*wink)
anyway, enjoy this awesome newsboys drums salvo vid at one of their GO concerts!
Swing your locks!

todo na to

waffles and chocolate ice cream!
K-Night was nothing but fun while
Weng dished out her 23rd birthday treat for us.
we evaluated our:
+52-day prayer chain
+Conquest Level (144)
+Bulletin Board
+Youth Reload
we really need to do our share
and do them sincerely!
we have decided na...
to fight guilt
and the spirit that keep us away from God's presence...
we have decided to keep running!
itotodo na namin toh!

the meeting ended with our new mother names:
:: amoreh as MAMREH (short for Mama Amoreh)
:: aj as NAYA (short for Nanay Aj)
:: blessy as MISSY (mommy blessy)
:: chem as MYCHEM (mommy chem)
:: jing as MAVIE (mama jenevieve)
:: roxan as MAMUX (mama rox)
:: lalai as MYLAI (mommy lai)
:: laurie anne as MAAN (mama anne)
:: micah as MYKAI (mommy kai)
:: maricor as MICOY (mommy cor/coi)
:: weng as MAWIE (mama weng)
:: vilma as MABING (mama bing)

way to go, mothers of many nations!!!

hop hop hop

K Night @Kangaroo Coffee Co., Tiongco Ave., Davao City
17 september 2008
it was raining, kaya lalong sumarap ang coffee...
and siyempre, ang durian mocha frappe!
we missed Chemis & Bing that night..
we had chit chat fun and toilet fun!
(why not! ang daming books sa CR!)
until the next Klosel!
Soar high, Eagurlz!!!

eighty-nine at the hospital

15 September 2008. We rushed to Butuan City to check on my lola's condition. We were supposed to visit her that weekstart (?hehe) for her birthday. However, her eighty-ninth celebration was held at the hospital since she had her second and third nosebleeds early Monday morning. The five-hour travel extended to six, and we arrived at J.Santos Hospital still happy that Nanay Susing is relatively well despite the oxygen tanks attached to her.

My lola's really advancing in years. We don't see each other everyday but everytime we do, she does not miss to pray for all her children, grandchildren and great grand children! Her all time favorite songs are heard always, but this time, only a hum.

I love her strong-willed personality, her unwavering passion for God (which started in the 1960's!) and her genuine love for her brood! She really has aged gracefully! Sober and fighting! And for the next years, I know she'd still be kickin'.

I love you, Nanay!

roxanne's wedding

the first time i made up a bride...
it was so fun doing the photoshoot
for the next Reload we're going to host...
being creative in worshipping God
is definitely awesome...
i wonder what the next big thing would be...

stairway to heaven

One of the most free nights of Reload!

woohoo, God is so amazing in His ways!
super saya talaga!
kawawa ang demonyo!

Jon Egan/Desperation Band

D  G  Bm7  Asus  D

Through You the blind will see,
Through You the mute will sing
Through You the dead will rise,
Through You all hearts will praise
Through You the darkness flees
Through You my heart screams I am free

I am free to run (I am free to run)
I am free to dance (I am free to dance)
     Bm7                        Asus
I am free to live for You (I am free to live for You)
I am free (I am free)


food junkie

[trying-to-sleep mode]

2am and i was alone. i can't sleep although I missed my coffee at Kangaroo Coffee Company (where we met). i am torn between wanting and hating sleep. 3 big cuts of fried chicken, 2 cups of rice, a glass of coke, and another of soup and 4 (again, full servings) or durian, all at 11:30pm!!! The reluctance of a secret glutton was washed away at the sight of my favorites. With the company of new found precious souls, who can resist? Truth forming now, I had a great night out... And I'm excited for this coming Sat's island getaway. What food could they be serving? Food junkie na ba ako? :-x

'Til My Breath Runs Dry

Last Wednesday, we lost one of our dear brothers in church, Kuya Boy Tampipi. He had been so ill the last six years and it is now time that he rest from all the pain that the unmindful stroke brought him. This afternoon, it was our sad duty to bury him. But left to us, is another set of memories of a brother who fought and lived well to his last breath. He never faltered in faith, at least, that's what I saw. Interments are almost always saddening, but to me--today, to set it apart--is encouraging. I would serve until my breath runs dry!

Jujitsu Guy

Sunog Mindanao 2

sleep princess

have you ever thought
that being deprived
of sleep
is the worst thing
that can happen
to a dreamer...
or maybe
to the
recently crowned sleep princess?

(and how recent is recent?)

i am just dreaming
of dreaming!

i am not complaining
about being part
of the island's
best conference ever.
i just believe
that being honest
is a therapy for me.
my bod's really craving
for bed time
but at the same time
my mind's all over sheep.
i am seeing girls,
young professionals,
young business women,
youth leaders!!!
counting the multitude
is endless.
yes, i just can't stop
'cause i'm hearing it.
they're really coming!

can u hear 'em?


believe it
and you'll hear it.

aww,,, this is just so good.

yeah, im tired
and im not just thinking things
because i'm tired.
haha, well,
i am just dreaming awake.
true to form,
this is what i am mastering
these days...
crowned to be the
sleep princess is not about
sleeping at all.
it's being awake while
the dream's comin' real.
so real even if i don't
have to have the luxury
of being over my bed at all!

(thku Lord for
Sunog Mindanao II!
powerful, heavy
and enriching!!!)

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