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feb 05

training Zi to use his pacies...

*chatting with Tatay while keeping up with "Be Careful With My Heart" series--good thing the ads are posted on youtube.

Zi, chilling on his bouncer (3weeks & 18weeks)... our boy has grown big already! *happy sob*

watta day

I was so blessed watching AJ plan her silver day. She asked her boss to make it a holiday instead of February 14, the usual. She planned to take her K1 students with her at an orphanage and host a party. 

I know how much AJ makes in a month, but her desire to bless others made her forget her limitations. And when others heard of this God-idea, many of them voluntarily planted seed. And so, the party happened. Things like this should happen!).  We included Maricor's previous birthday on the celebration and off we went to the orphanage armed with loot bags, balloons, food, songs and activity materials for all the kids to enjoy. And most of all, ready to explode with God's great love.

We saw rejected kids. Some were talented while others had physical impediments. We had nothing more but God's touch. 

Many of the kids had sore eyes that's why I had to distantiate. Nonethless, I came to see how God was gracious in making AJ grow! Really, she has grown soooo much! Soli Deo Gloria!

married with the ministry

Christmas celebration with the couple' cell group... We brought in food, potluck style. Our spiritual food exceeded all that was prepared for us that night. Thank You, Lord.

We had the communion. "Remember Me," Jesus said. After all, this season (and is every) is about Him. 

The night ended with much more sharing, laughter and gift giving. Our marriage is truly owned by God and is designed to minister to others who are also starting their Love-Satellite-d relationships! We couldn't ask for more but God's grace to keep us through!

Soli Deo Gloria! =)

BCC going large!

Papaps and Mama(ms) just left for Indonesia (via Singapore) today. They will be out for a twelve-day ministry. Here's a video (collage of photos) I did for them, as requested. Animoto helped me a lot to finish this as I embarked on a purposeful all-nighter.

partay, partay, eh?!

So I did go to a friends' sister's debut celebration (yes, i'm not that friends with Van yet, but soon we'll be). I wasn't able to attend Jayme's 18th birthday way back in college. At least, I get to attend Vanessa's tonight while Jayme and I need a catching up to do. It was a filipiniana-themed event and that's cool since wearing the national costume became quite outdated for young people.

It was a long night. But it's good to be in that room filled with people. Yes, I need to be a people-person more than what I am now.

Not for me tonight.

That's my inaanak, Zabee, who has become an eloquent reader at five. Behind her is my stage-mother friend, Jie (as she is fondly called now). #proudofbothgirls

Typical of kids at parties.

Boyfriend is singing. One thing I'm sure right now is that I'm not in Reload.

His second song. Hataw! #younglove

Her second dress. She's the debutante. Yeah, i also mistook this for a wrong photo.

Bests in gown. Filipinas rock!

And here's a pic of us tonight. A toast to friendship! God's gift is sweet.

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so this is love

Barely two months to go, we have our hearts ever set to worship God in this moment of preparation. 
In case you have time to read, I'm trying to pen tidbits of my heart here.
God knows what He is doing!
Soli Deo Gloria!

resting finds a meaning

Along with twenty other Eagerlz who came to pray for Dabawenyos on the streets of our lovely city--we had a blast of the long afternoon. Nothing's better than spending time w God like this--being with the girls, enjoying the festivities offered and praying for people.

We actually started off yesterday at USEP & Holy Cross for Campus Invasion; today at the heart of the city for Bless Davao Movement; and tomorrow, at the neighborhood for Anagkazo.

Church is indeed fun. Resting is worth its name after having immersed in all these.

Let God remain to be the very strength of our hearts!

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