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Son of God

Son of God
by: Starfield

Son of God, Shaper of the stars
each one ravishing...
U shape us and position us just where U want us 2b...

You alone, The dweller of my heart
yes, U r...
don't just reside, but take control...
considering i'm weaker than before...
Mighty King, How beautiful You are, how beautiful
i take another day gazing at U...

Son of God, The Father's gift to us
You alone, Were broken on the alter of love
I'm still captivated...
Precious Lamb, Our freedom's in Your blood,
It's in
your blood
Just one drop--able to cleanse me...
yet U gave Ur all...
i'm indebted...

Jesus, Oh Holy One, I sing to You, Forgiven
I love U still...
Savior, I'm overcome

With Your great love for me
yet U outlove me...

Son of God,Strength beyond compare
I need your strong arm...
You alone, The darkness cannot bear
refulgent... and it's taming me...
Lord of love, Your kindness draws me near
It draws
and draw me nearer Lord...

Son of God, Prophecy of old
my present lover...
You alone, Redeemer of my soul
my rope...
Come again, And lead your people home
lead us home
call me ms. eager...

You are worthy, You are worthy
You are worthy of all my praise
and i desire to give more of my all...

You are beautiful, You are beautiful
I will lift up my hands and sing
oh i just can't stop...

come to davao!

my cousin, Christine Hope, had been here since
new year's eve.

we have been inviting her since
"i could not remember."
my uncle doesn't let her travel without
somebody from their fam accompany her.
but finally her dad succumbed
and she's here!
(she's graduated college, anywa
y!) ;)
i wasn't able to go
with them (w/ lalai & mamams)
at crocodile park last saturday night
(praise & worship prax kasi...
at nagpower-off the whole AM nung Sunday! haha...)
Lalai & Migz drove her to people's park
then to our cousins' house
last sunday n
(again, di ako nakasama...

i was unwell,
yet felt well when the eagurlz nestled with me!
mbuti nlng anjan kau girls...)
so yesterday, it was my treat...
Sinabi rin kasi ni Papaps na nakakagaling
ng sipon at ubo ang daga
so ay
on, we packed our stuff
to Blujaz Resort at the

Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS)...
We brought AJ along...
ala din nama
n siyang gawin eh...

Hope texted her f&f to make them jelly...
it was also my first time at the newly const
ructed resort.
it was serene...
it melted the christmas* buzz in me
and it buffeted summer immediately.

the girls freshened at the pool
while clad with (nooo... not the strings!)
their child-like hearts.

we dipped in the cool, waveless ocean
and unraveled our hearts out.
(lam nu na un... hot seat! haha)

the water, the sky, the sand...
and xempre... the gurlz...
all composed...
oh so ideal!
sabi pa nga ni Hope,
"Ate, this is such a perfect holiday!"
i thought so, too.
i love davao.
i love beach again.

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