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Beauty And The Barbarian

From Anne, To Anne. Haha, at talaga namang nagkaintindihan tau noh?! Ingat ka jan, kasi dala mo phone mo. tsk.

Once upon a time, a young princess wandered through the woods. A nasty and barbarous man spotted the lovely princess and approached her. He offered her the “pleasure” of becoming his bride and living with him in the shack he called home.

After a quick look at this barbarian and his residence, the princess flatly refused. She told him she would never marry a man who couldn’t respect himself or his home. She wanted someone honorable like her father, the king. Then off she went to the beautiful castle.

The barbarian was crushed.
In the following days, he couldn’t get the pure and noble princess out of his mind. Finally he vowed to win her, no matter what. He decided the only way to do this was to become a noble man himself.

He observed the king from afar, watching his actions and listening to his speech. He noticed and admired the king’s integrity and dignity. The king’s character captivated the barbarian. He wanted to be just like him. He still longed to marry the princess, but now his desire to become as noble as the king exceeded even his love for the princess.

Slowly but surely, as the barbarian modeled his behavior after the king, his appearance and manner were refined. He also worked long and hard to transform his home into a beautiful estate surrounded by well-tendered gardens.

Finally he felt ready to approach the princess once more. This time the princess was so impressed that she promised to consider his request to become his bride. Eventually the two were wed, and (you guessed it) they lived happily ever after.

author: unknown


Take OFF

Sifting sand and shifting hands--natural phenomena in the G12 Vision.

Sifting sand
--now in the habit of trying to find the gold ores of faith amidst estuarine rocks--I get to expose the faith--the real one in me! For a moment now, I'm believing for stuff and doing things that I can actually and only fruit in the natural. Sunday, I came home--you got it--to my senses: I was ([was] that's not so long ago) actually living a life not my own--someone not unknown (magulo noh?)--someone presumed extinct--someone expected obsolete--but one I was trying to revive: Rejoice Lagat-in-the-previous-level. Now pebbling in me precious dusts of faith, I am strengthened inside. Our most recent Klosel (my favorite spelling for the Eagurlz's primary close cell, which I'm fond of calling K-Night) was the culprit. Anointed yata yung Jollibee couch! Haha. Th
e girls and I were up for a night of program designing for the next two big events in our ministries (sense of ownership?)--Reload's fourth year anniversary (I will be speaking! And I'm thrilled!); and the presentation of my Twelve's Twelves--the Eagurlz144's Night. We were expecting a night of shaping the skeletons. Seeing my governors in their excitement--I saw just that--ado.

All eyes on me--I said, "Hey! Thanks for the excitement--but can you please verbalize the glitters in your eyes?" However, I still did the wording--Pressure. Positive maybe, still, it's pressure. Most of them committed that they can form their twelves by June fourteenth.

G12 Lessons (by the Eagurlz--haha!):
1. Do things with the right motivation--I remember forming my twelve in December 31, 2007. Past three years in the G12 Vision, I knew in my heart it was my season to build the altar. It wasn't out of pressure because some One-Four-Four gathering was up. It was the year's fruition--the year's offering to the Lord. Twelve. Col3:23.
2. Build a Team of Twelve that will govern the next generation of leaders. Forming the twelve is not about complying the demands of an ambitious leader. It is not rush. It is not an event. It is a preparation for the next level of ministry. It is about catering the coming of the pre-(new-)believers--the next line of twelves--their preparation, heart and capacities will enable the rooming for the next, next line of twelves. Preparation is key.

Feeling the lack of preparation since most of our girls are still in their provinces, I lipped off the movement of the gathering to a new date. (siyempre, mejo hesitant pud ko ato--kay gusto man pud nila dayunon--but I was after the lasting and more effective result--painfully, through waiting--and more waiting--nakaka-relate ba kau?). Sure, the girls would be back at the end of this month; would be having enough finances for our supposed beach-cocktail party; will be staying on the fourteenth--since it's a holiday weekend--nonetheless, the entire heart preparation is not enough. Also, the network will be spearheading the anniversary come June 26th--which will require us extensive precipitation of our ideas, time, labors and (again) finances.


We were weighing things. Taking them out. And weighing them again. Tough.

Arrive July, we will be starting the next Pre-Encounter (batch 17). August--the presentation of the 144s. September--Sunog Mindanao III. Yes, quite a busy quarter. Mas busy dapat sa prayer ano?

Wazzup this June? Shifting hands! My doce (that night, called themselves "Doc's" short for DOCe, "c" sounds as "k"--feeling doctors na sila--Ako naman daw talaga ung "Gov" kasi ako naman ang part ng primary twelve... But honestly, I like the sound and feeling of mama better... myrej, mrej, or terej... it sounds pamilyang-pamilya... P.Rej evolved recently kasi the network leaders are now called network pastors... pero, parang lumayo yata ako sa mga anak ko! Haaay... name calling! Enough for the detour...)--planned to meet their girls... re-align them with the vision (you know what summer can do! haha); most of them going back to the PEPSOL process.

Then, one of the doc's (can't remember exactly who said it--super maingay kasi kami--brain storming--tsaka feathering !!!) suggested that we start the Pre-Encounter this June since a lot are ready but were not able to join the summer Encounter (kasi umuwi nga *wink*) while waiting for the 3rd Q's Enc naman would be straining na... We'd have an early Encounter this July and meet after a week for a network celebration--which will be the presentation of twelves!

Ang taas ng faith noh? Wow. My girls' feathers now have grown. (from an eagle song)


They were volunteering for the Pre-Enc teaching loads. We'd be having the Pre-Enc during Conquest Night skeds--5pm/Sundays. (My girls are power preachers, by the way! The Conquest Nights exposed it! Thank you Holy Spirit! You are the Reason.)

And oooohh--what excited them more was the Encounter lessons--they want to teach. I can feel it in their Spirit. And I can confirm in the Spirit, too, that they are ready (and will be preparing more) to minister. So we checked the Encounter lessons and made assignments! (Indeed, we were soaring in faith that Jollibee Night!)

We reviewed the goals--at least 60 Eagurls for the July 10-12, 2009 Encounter. The Take OFF (144's Night) will be a week after--no longer the fancy beach-cocktail party--but a simpler gathering at BCC. We'll be in our pyjamas and pica-pica food nalang while gathered on mattresses (sana may mahiraman kaming air beds! haha...). We'll be listening to Ptr. Merlyn's exhortation after some kantahan, kulitan (sure yan!), games, manicure-pedicure(-kulot?) sessions... SPArty!

Ito pala lahat ung excitement sa mga mata nila... Di rin nila alam... Pero pinabasa din ni Lord sa 'min nung lumalim na ang gabi... Really, sometimes, there are things that thrill us to the gut, but we don't know it...
-until we spend time with God and (xempre time din with His people *wink*);
-until we learn our lessons;
-until we're ready for it.

At a loss for words...

Lord, help us.

We wrote the desires (plans na actually) and laid our hands on them. We were all so passionate in the intercession--abi namo naa lang mi sa BCC! We were at Jollibee! Hahaha. Mabuti nalang, solo namin ung room! Haha.

Until now... I am humbled by my girls' faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit. These are still plans--let God honor it. If He makes shifts again--super okay parin--as long as He's leading the flight.


Eagurlz Take OFF!!!

ps: me at the end of penning this blog:

part II:
(i can't help but update this blog, hehe)
we're moving the Take OFF Night pala frm July 18 to Aug01, so we can have Micah with us... di pwedeng kulang! haha... I'll take this time to thank the Lord din, for Micah's life, her career included... she's a nurse by profession, a school administrator by practice. she's drafted to be one of Phoenix Publishing's Team of Speakers here in the PI. She's going to be the youngest! haha, imagine her colleages--academe vets--grandma's by age and experience! she couldn't be so if she will not have a training in San Francisco, USA this July... Galing noh?! "She once winced, how could a nurse like me take a call like this?" Hmmm? Pano nga ba? Simple lang po! Talagang magaling si Lord mag set-up! Pa-steup na din tau?! hahaha!

To Micah---keep growing your feathers! Fly high, agila! :x

"The Million Dollar Question:


Got that SMS just now from Bryan (our official text minister! haha). I can't help but reply: "Ang million dollar na tubag kay...? At best! :P" 'Coz i really am. Sometimes stupefied* by my own tanggal-ang-boredom ways, at least--oops! at best pala!--I get to tell myself: I still love life! To be more specific, my unique and original ('di ba pareho ung dalawa?) Rejoice Credo Lagat life! And for those of you who get to be part of it--swerte nu! Hahaha. JK! Bawal ang patola! Okay, I admit, I'm blessed--super blessed--no, super-raised-to-the-nth-power blessed to have all the people surrounding me now. You're all kisses of heaven to me!

Why am I saying all these? Am I leaving? or worst, dying? Eeengk! At best nga ako ngaun! (di nga lang perfect... pero getting there! God's grace naman daw reshapes and perfects us all... galing noh?) So, bakit nga ba halatang-halata ang drama ko? Hmm... Well, last Saturday, we passed by Baranggay Baganihan, Sitio Maharlika, Marilog District. April 25, 2009--exactly one month from the very day our lives (papaps & mamams) spinned--yeah, literally. Check the photos below... or maybe u've gone through it already! Pics always get our attention first thant texts, haha.

Noooo--I didn't cause the exhibition! Well, an hour before it happened, I was maneuvering the wheels... my sixth time to drive, actually... but i got tired... (trying to hide the real reason i was evicted from the driver's seat *wink*)... okay, cge, Papaps said, the road after Kibawi area is a little challenging, so siya muna. When the hour hand was close to make a full revolution, Mams suggested that Paps take a nap, and she'd drive. Paps succumbed. Bajada and a big truck cut over us, Paps (was still awake--di yata maiwan si Mama na sariling magmaneho--kahit 19 years na siyang licensed driver... Licensed without driving kasi! Still refreshing the pages!) said that Mama would exert brake and motion the car to the side... mejo nataranta yata c Mama, ung accelerator ang naapakan niya... Imagine the car running faster (when it shouldn't) at a downhill slope! Paps shouted "Brake! Brake!" daw! Hinabol ni mama... pero too late na, kasi napunta na rin sa side ung car... sobrang nasa side, na sa canal na pala dumadaan si Rah-Rah (pangalan po pala ng sasakyan! haha)... When mom stepped on the brake from a high speed motion... Something amazing happened... Voila! The car turned upside-down!

Mom was shouting daw a battery of I'm-sorry's and Jesus's! Papaps was praying hard, too. Then mom, shouted: Si Rejoice! Check Rejoice! Saan ba kasi ako? Ayun, sa likod... natutulog! Remember the Mark4 story? Jesus was sleeping on a cushion-in a a boat-during a fierce storm! Haha, wala lang, naka-relate lang... Pero di naman ako si Jesus... before I could have said Be Still to the car... Still na rin talaga siya when I opened my eyes... I did feel the turbulence before it ceased, but the only thing I managed to do was close my already-closed eyes (in slumber, diba? mantika matulog, eh) and pray the most heart-felt prayer of confession and repentence in 5seconds. I really thought, it's gonna be heaven the next time I use my eyelids!

3:15pm. March 25, 2009.

A teaser.

A heavenly illustration.

Another kiss from heaven.

All three of us realized we're still so alive, yet trapped inside Rah-Rah's damaged body. Paps immediately broke-open one window and we got out of the car through it. We checked ourselves from injuries--zero! PTL! We were sooo joyful that at best, we're physically A-okay! My dad hugged mama and I... and continued hugging mama while I tried to call Bem and Lai. In the highest level of aftershock, they didn't notice that we were at public's eye. Haha. Hindi sila artistahin. Naturally loving lang--lalo na these years...

So I phoned Lai. Told her the details. She called 911 for us. 911 came. (bilis noh? hndeh, the way i said it lang... they arrived mga 35min after pa).

I saw a spot where I could collect myself together. And I told God: Thank You that You Are Real. He answered, Welcome to Part II. I was about to ask why there's a Part II? But Paps came and said, (tumatawa siya) Doys, same mission. Same vision. We're still gonna do it. Then he asked if I wanted water.


Remembering that life-changing moment, I now understand that Part II's are better. I'm at my best while in Part II. Kasama ko kau, eh! Haha... And I said to myself, I'm gonna do better this time... I'm gonna love more... give more... learn more... worship more... smile more... save more... work more... and just do more... for JC-Love and for all He calls me to serve.


take two.

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