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partay, partay, eh?!

So I did go to a friends' sister's debut celebration (yes, i'm not that friends with Van yet, but soon we'll be). I wasn't able to attend Jayme's 18th birthday way back in college. At least, I get to attend Vanessa's tonight while Jayme and I need a catching up to do. It was a filipiniana-themed event and that's cool since wearing the national costume became quite outdated for young people.

It was a long night. But it's good to be in that room filled with people. Yes, I need to be a people-person more than what I am now.

Not for me tonight.

That's my inaanak, Zabee, who has become an eloquent reader at five. Behind her is my stage-mother friend, Jie (as she is fondly called now). #proudofbothgirls

Typical of kids at parties.

Boyfriend is singing. One thing I'm sure right now is that I'm not in Reload.

His second song. Hataw! #younglove

Her second dress. She's the debutante. Yeah, i also mistook this for a wrong photo.

Bests in gown. Filipinas rock!

And here's a pic of us tonight. A toast to friendship! God's gift is sweet.

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so this is love

Barely two months to go, we have our hearts ever set to worship God in this moment of preparation. 
In case you have time to read, I'm trying to pen tidbits of my heart here.
God knows what He is doing!
Soli Deo Gloria!

resting finds a meaning

Along with twenty other Eagerlz who came to pray for Dabawenyos on the streets of our lovely city--we had a blast of the long afternoon. Nothing's better than spending time w God like this--being with the girls, enjoying the festivities offered and praying for people.

We actually started off yesterday at USEP & Holy Cross for Campus Invasion; today at the heart of the city for Bless Davao Movement; and tomorrow, at the neighborhood for Anagkazo.

Church is indeed fun. Resting is worth its name after having immersed in all these.

Let God remain to be the very strength of our hearts!

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Stepping Into Super-Discipleship

Since we stepped into ministry, we have encountered countless surprises. This weekend's encounter is one.

Untamed Waves. During the baptism, we were slapped by the biggest waves than what we can't almost handle. Seventeen eagerlz said yes to the prophetic gesture of being released into ministry. And it was a perfect time to illustrate a Biblical truth. We wanted to experience Biblical moments... Ha!

Unknowingly Intruded. The least we expected was theft. Cellphones, wallets, napsacks. We were imparting, receiving, renouncing, celebrating--and the devil got his way. Whew! Blessings and freedom overtook anyway. Soli Deo gloria!

Unrelenting Perseverance. I missed Kabacan today for health concerns that should have kept me rested. Nonetheless, God has orchestrated ways of letting me minister. Preaching at Matina was a perfect testimony of God's strength that allow me to:
•receive His calling
•carry His presence
•release His power

Strength... It is a necessity to unpredictable ministry--that His Name be completely glorified!

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of the harvest

For a month now, we have moved from the rare monthly meetings to the more frequent twice a month (primary close cell and) youth network leaders' meeting.

May we do what we have always dreamt and held only in prayer; May we see what others have only hoped for; May we ceaselessly count disciples beyond what our fingers can move; May we see upclose what we've seen at a distant last month!

This is a season of the harvest; of the conquest; of dominion!


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