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Twenty-ten's door turned out to be one of the kicking ones. The year of explosion, I personally baby-named it as [year of display]. What could there be? what could be beyond what i believe, perceive, and conceive [now]. Kaka-excite naman toh... pwede, paki-pigilan ako? Otherwise, I might drag you into my dreams! Wahaha.

Barely the first week of the year. I already got my share of surprises. Some are yet plans. Some are shared blessings. With the former, whether they happen or not, it already puffed up my heart--note, heart po, thank God, not the head. Much overwhelmed that I was taught that God can really orchestrate things atop my sparse desires.

Posterity. People. Places. (+Prudence.)

The sound of them makes me gigil (not giggle) already! I'm going to experience them!

Unworthy--and that's apparent. And so I am filled with thanksgiving [every]day--telling my God--You are awesome! You are Gracious! Until one thought caved in the middle of my failing gratitude--Rej, if I am not showing you these pretty stuff and letting you experience these seemingly-good-things-to-you, would I be less awesome, and less gracious, or less-God to you?


Pale at the thought of my narrow perception, I was plunged into a deeper experience of my God.I know He wants me for Himself, but He's not keeping me in-doors. He wants me [out],  too! For there's too much to behold that not even the biggest range can room it. Glimpses of His sovereignty are already vast lands of glory and grace for me to explore.

I'm stepping [out] of my weak senses, [in] better tastes of the play of His hands and [through] which my lifetime can contain.

Fueled and with a better perspective, I'm ready to go.

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