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I tell you what. I've been living a cashless life. I mean, literally not having money. I guess that's how a traditional Christian defines "living by faith." I'm adept with allowing God to move in my life beyond the indispensable concerns of finance. And I could testify. I've traveled to cities and nations, sometimes, without a single penny. Yes, my God can [provide].

When we were younger, me and my sibs were trained to save. We had our piggy banks... and popular to Filipinos, bamboo banks. And then, we each opened our kiddie bank account at whatever-happened-to Banco Filipino. I would excitedly go to neighboring depository alone--as a grader. (With how our money built up then? Papaps would sometimes buy our exam results, sell peanut butter or save up from our allowance--with whatever we keep, he would double it, provided we put it in. Sure, we were motivated.)

Over the years, the faith was established rather radically. And I guess, seeing myself drop whatever was salted away, yes, even a hefty amount of 30K (which miraculously came from somewhere, someone) in the offering box. Yes, that vintage-y box became my financial account, believing that a celestial bank pays much more. I was never taught that, but I've seen it open a wellspring of blessing for our family as this lifestyle was modeled to us by my parents. 

Now understanding that God does not will me to live only a life of surviving weekends (of course, I don't mean just that, hehe!) but an abundant daily life. Proverbs 3:9-10 is too much of a promise that I sadly didn't really acted upon. He was ever ready to bless me ever since I obeyed but I don't have the vats prepared for the turnaround's. Last yearend, I realized I miss banking. So I candidly scribbled on my Book of Dreams that this year, I'd finally open another my third one. With some quirks in the way, I ended up with two--in just a month. And God has poured out soooooo much [initial] blessing yet! Indeed, my God can [promote]. I'm still living life by faith only in another dimension for I am convinced, He can [prosper] His people!

snap a yuppie

Finally, I get to post the shots at last Yuppies' Night, 2nd of April, at McDonald's-JP Laurel. I only had twelve trying-to-be-smart snaps of the activity. We were asked to go paparazzi-mode and get shots of each other on the condition that no face is taken. Steal photos on body parts or accessories only. I tried to get the highlight of select yuppies for me to remember them easily when asked to identify the owner. Barely two weeks now, I could no longer recall who these celebrities were. That was a chaotic night!

If that's you somewhere, just lemme know. I' have a secret to tell you. Yeah, exclusive for these photo owners. By the way, Lalai won the activity by fourteen whopping identified shots in a minute! My shutterbug of a sister!

the lurking disease of the uneven

Last night is another fizzle time with my girls in church. We had to plan the twelfth day of our conquest season. After the hodgepodge of thoughts (yeah, we're like that--much of the planning time is jesting over the juicy parts of our lives), Langga and I were into another wave of spontaneity. We gushed over things big and small, but the bulk of yesternight's tattle was sharing about how our settled ministry-focused lives were again poked.

Always the articulate speaker, she sliced recent moments of having an array of job offers enough to address the rants of relatives knowing her to be all out in the ministry. But she was firm enough to say that her heart is decided to only move when she hears from God. I find her truly committed but I admit I also see in her eyes the desire of a genuine nurse eager to be back in action with those in medical uniforms. It must be tough when you know you have the edge in the field but you feel ripped the same when you're not doing what God calls you to do. Well, seeing other young people come to BCC in their hospital uniforms must have triggered the few times she entertains the idea.

In the realm of openness and encouragement, we managed to cross the drama of the night. We knew we just want to be responsible in generating more resource for our dear selves that we would be able to bless others around us. And as of this writing, we just finished our first business meeting with Dion. We were in our imaginary medical scrub top--busily working out to create a balance of things. Really, it is time to take the first step to healing the disease of the uneven.

secretly a star

Since being in the youth pastoral team in Buhangin Community Center, I have been blessed to eat out a lot more than stress myself with planning. Well, it’s more converse than what I just said, but it feels more of the fun side now than tough. It’s true, building rapport has changed much of our leadership strength. And, tonight, our meeting at Coffee Cat was more of unloading and listening to one another. I had always been friends with Micah since way back when, but now I could really testify more of the evident strength of God in her life. What seem to tear her apart has always been powerless by the sustaining grace God freely affords her. And there was Val, Indai, Ombeng. These guys rock. They are all working people (Now, I am, too! ) yet they lavish so much time for the work of God. I am blessed. We meet the Yuppies (young professionals at church) monthly, but the youth only know so much about the core leaders they look up or pass by–stars in their own right, for the yuppies, a secret team star of five edges.

Kingdom CEOs

Business meetings are familiar to me. I have more than four in a week. But it was only last March 28 did we decide to go out from the bounds of BCC and book one mini hall to host thirteen of us. We were in our business attires, laptops and reports in Powerpoint. Lots of great things that night. My girls are amazing–very creative, thoughtful, willing and ready to make action.
Should I add more, we were speaking in English the entire night, and photographing each other! It was seriously fun! =D And look at that polaroid photo by Perfectly cool to make us remember the rich night.

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