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i regret regretting

a few hours and some minutes,
it's gonna be over...

yeah, like you, i hate goodbyes...
but what can i do?

keep memories in my heart...
yet it's still farewell.

without a doubt, i enjoyed (no, there's a better word than that!) the rich year,
in fact, dragging myself towards 2009,
would be the least thing to do.

right now, i'm actually thrilled
by the thought of yanking
it to heaven's gates
that the Lord be glorified in all the turn-outs within it...

that's the regret I secretly kept until the time's closing.
i was flaunting my
todo mode operation all year
yet today, i feel there's a
todo-er mode
(*wink*)i can switch my knob to.

are you familiar with rehearsing mistakes?
my, i have become a master of that art (huh, if it is!)

by paying a luxurious amount of time for it!

i regret regretting.

i'm taking off my toga,

because it's school time again in few turns of Mr. Hour's hand...
happy new year, everyone!
prepare, coz greater things are gonna come!

maayong pasko

"I still love you, Jesus!"

STAR TALK...kwentuhang YOU!

(c)December 2008/YOUTH RELOAD
(just click the images for larger view)

-The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!
Mankind will no longer sorrow at the thought
of debt, punishment and eternal separation from God.
-There is One that will become the ultimate
sacrifice and finally appease the Father.
-Christmas is a great promise for each of us who believes!
-It's a remembrance of Christ's birth;
receiving presents should not define the beauty
of the season, it's not our birthday anyway!
(unless of course you're born during yuletide! ;)

The Almighty gave first.
It's a loving response to give back...
Christmas is an opportunity to bring
the most extravagant offering to JESUS!
Gifting our loved ones & friends come second.

The season becomes meaningful when we are able
to get right with God and with people.
Short of that, it's an understatement.

Christmas is celebrating our liberation
from the curse of death through Jesus Christ.
We extend this joy with F&F (friends & family!)

-It reminds us how great is God's love for us
and Jesus' obedience (love) to His Father.
it's actually valentines, haha!

Among all the [legitimate] symbols of Christmas,
we esteem the Star for being the very emblem
that led the wise men to Jesus.
Jesus is the Bright & Morning Star (the Sun)...

It's not enough to be amazed and stare (if you can!)
at the Sun, we are to revolve around it
and be like it.
We are stars. (Abraham's promise from God Gen26:4)

(What do you call the stars that don't shine?)


We are to shine our light Day and Night!
Day = good times; days when we are
so on-fire for God; it's easy radiate God's Light;
NIGHT = tough times; seasons of trial & process...
but the call to shine still rings...
in fact, it's the best time for stars
to shine and be recognized!

We had lots of "day" times and "night" ones in 2008.
and there's more to see in 2009,
this time, we decide to enjoy each season
as stars shining bright in places
where God positioned us.
Expect blessings and await trials to conquer.

the "DAY dawns" in 2Pet1:19 talks about
Jesus' Second coming.
It doesn't scare us anymore but
it excites us of eternity with Him!
Saints (stars) or the faithful will be rewarded
(Rev 3:5)

Be reminded that... A)

Jesus purchased your star-ship (stardom!).

Many are stars but don't actually feel that they are...
which causes them to fail the third step:

it's not about nice clothes or fame.
Being a star is...
-believing in Jesus & cultivating a relationship with Him.
-becoming TODO in worship & service.
-being a leader and making a difference!

Hold your Faith. GET READY for the "awards night."
It can be dawn, day, noon, afternoon...
We just don't know.
That's why we have to get ready.
Rewards await us!
*Eternity in Heaven...
*the Crown of Righteousness
and the prize of winning souls to Jesus...

The world needs a star a like you.
(go, mga artEsta!!!)

attachment: (video compilation of YR2008)
have a great year-end everyone!

just like you

by: Jason Upton

I tried to walk on the water and found myself under the sea

So with water up my nose I felt your hand come close to save me
Ive tried to cast out the demons Ive gone to the darkest of regions
When fear has me shaking you suddenly break in to save me

I desire
To be like you
Like any son or daughter
I want to be like my Father
I desire to be like you
You promised to never forsake me
So Ill risk it all if youll make me like You

You stand beside me just waiting
while I try to go it alone

Smiling You say son come here
wont you let me just help you

But frustrated I try to make it
cause Ive just got something to prove

Not knowing it is my weakness
that perfects your power

i still love this song...
i can't get enough of it since i heard it in 2002
and got a copy of the cd in 2004.
Sir Jason Upton himself sent me a package of his cds
and i was all too exuberant...
there were five Remember cds...
(which includes the unedited FLY spontaneous song
where you can hear the angels sing with him)
2 Key of David's...
and 1 Faith album...
(don't bother to ask for the xtra ones,
unfortunately, they were up for grabs four years ago!)
I love to play the songs over and over
until i memorized almost all the adlibs...

so for you guys who are part of the post encounter class...
enjoy the song,
best--enjoy being a child of God!!!
Remember, many are eagerly waiting to
see your sonship (daughter-ship) revealed!
Romans 8:19

The Cute Jew At MOA

it's past twelve when we have decided
to kill the time at the Mall of Asia
since our Mla-Dvo flight was still at 6.
we still have 3 hours or so before check-in.
so while strolling at the
second largest mall in Asia
(i dunno the first one!
i was just told it's the 2nd largest.
i didn't even bother asking what outlasted it,
for the reason that i'm already satisfied with the
leisurely yet punishing walks
i've had in the three visits i paid in this trip ;)
so you know where an unplanned mall time
would lead: clothes department!
i'm not really into it, i confess.
but the spacious Kamiseta, P&P, Maldita and Bench shops
are definitely inviting.
while nearing the Von Dutch (did i spell it right?)
boutique, a cute young man was smiling at me.
i did not reciprocate of course.
but i found myself staring at the curly mane
and clear skin that he was sporting.
he came to me, smiled wider and grabbed my left hand.
hey, this foreigner is going overboard.
the next thing i know, he was pinching a lotion tube
and massaging my hand.
He's actually selling me a lotion from the "holy land."
My mom who was with me asked
if he's a jew. a proud one, he nodded and
turned to squeeze my mom's hand with lotion, too.
he led us into his corner of "holy land" products
called -417 (Minus 417).
he got my mom into a conversation
while i managed to look around the rest in their stacks.
i found crucifixes, stones, prayer booklets,
colognes, shampoo, soap, and rosaries.
his cousin who attempted to entertain me
probably thought that i wasn't that interested,
grabbed a stick from his box of cigarettes and left.
i motioned close to the flat monitor screen
that showcased Israel, the Holy Land.
My heart broke as i was watching the video clip
and the young men right before us.
(because there were four of them in all)
they're making a business out of:
a. their country,
b. other nations' idea of the holy land
(or the red sea)
c. Jesus!
The Christian angst in me arose.
i personally didn't like
what they're doing.
before i gestured to my mama my dislike of them,
i saw her making a purchase of an eye cream
and another product which cost her
a discounted price of 2100 Php.
well, it didn't anger me since i am in hope,too,
that it would remove the redness
and skin-peeling around papaps' eyes.
(let it heal, i pray! money-back at least)
while the guy busied himself packaging the items,
i waited near the ice skating rink adjacent to the stall.
though i enjoyed the sight of children gliding,
i heard a voice probing,
"right attitude, huh?"

"can i have our lesson later? I'm at the mall,"
I bargained.
you read me right, yeah,
i was actually avoiding a session with God.

okay, i am sorry...
*my* lesson, not our lesson.
They're Your children.
Your chosen people.
I'm an adopted daughter,
bought at a very high price.
(which i will be forever grateful for)
I may have not said bad things,
but I thought of them in a bad way.
Compassion for Your people.
a genuine feeling that should start
some "where"
right "where"
other people cannot see, hear, or even enter.

- Theology 101.03 -

it is finished!

I have been struggling to finish our
new Pre-Encounter Manual.
Squeezing this project to other pressing needs,
I finally got it done!
Thank you Lord!!!

BCC family day

BCC Family Day, the first since embracing the vision for multiplication,
i really enjoyed the busy day that i forgot to eat!!!
Papaps shared about the prominent John Wooden
and inspired us all to continue rowing our boats upstream!
The powerful testimonies of Jojo, Juris, Mayang & Lawrence
added to the Thanksgiving flavor!
I went home at lunch to fetch 3 trays of Crema de Fruta
and the PiNATAka special
I prepared for my girls!
(uuuy, marunong na daw ako magprepare ng food!
hahaha, trying hard!)
The money was from BCC, a monetary treat for the network
that sends the most number of Encounter participants--
and oh, there was no announcement that we will be prized
and was prized! But thanks again BCC Leadership
for remembering the girls who labored
to send people to the Encounter! ;D
We spent the whole afternoon with a battery of presentations!
the kids' song number and FDD's skit stood out...
and there were door prizes in between...
Children were dedicated to the Lord
(ninang ulit ako for the 23rd time!)
and our network did a repeat performance of
Vineyard Manila's Time to Fly! haha...
the girls held the Tatty Bears,
mother eagle's early Christmas gift...

I missed Annie's 18th Birthday well wishing
and the water baptism
since i ran 2 rounds of pre-encounter lessons 4 & 5!
(four lessons in all)
i really asked for a break since super gutom na talaga!
(thank God, the girls were kind to me!)
F.Day ended our busy November
and we'll be surely starting the busier month of December!!!

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