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sleep princess

have you ever thought
that being deprived
of sleep
is the worst thing
that can happen
to a dreamer...
or maybe
to the
recently crowned sleep princess?

(and how recent is recent?)

i am just dreaming
of dreaming!

i am not complaining
about being part
of the island's
best conference ever.
i just believe
that being honest
is a therapy for me.
my bod's really craving
for bed time
but at the same time
my mind's all over sheep.
i am seeing girls,
young professionals,
young business women,
youth leaders!!!
counting the multitude
is endless.
yes, i just can't stop
'cause i'm hearing it.
they're really coming!

can u hear 'em?


believe it
and you'll hear it.

aww,,, this is just so good.

yeah, im tired
and im not just thinking things
because i'm tired.
haha, well,
i am just dreaming awake.
true to form,
this is what i am mastering
these days...
crowned to be the
sleep princess is not about
sleeping at all.
it's being awake while
the dream's comin' real.
so real even if i don't
have to have the luxury
of being over my bed at all!

(thku Lord for
Sunog Mindanao II!
powerful, heavy
and enriching!!!)


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