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Losing My Opacity

At the height of the mushroom rise of social networking sites, our age slowly loses its balance in relating with people. Scratch that. Perhaps only mine--my careful act of evenness. And to this, I fail. Four years back, I was surrounded with thoughtful students who would carry my educate-the-young (haha) paraphernalia, tug most of my time to have chickahan with them--and we just couldn't have enough--they created me a Friendster account--to that extent--they're totally sweet! I wasn't that interested with online networking then. I wasn't even ready to completely consent my name that I have to hide it with a kunwari-brilliant cover. Waaaah. It took me around four months of their begging to put a face on that precious site. It became friendlier and I became at home. I enjoyed how simple "hi's" and CSS graphics made others feel remembered; and how replies communicate value. To some degree, I get updated at how my students were fairing, how my girls at church were behaving and how my relatives were doing. People act and say things differently in person and online--Which one is real?--I dunno. Perhaps somewhere in between. For all its comely reasons, the site became a darling vessel of some of my thoughts, friends and memory stills--KoK!

Now a Facebook regular and a Twitter neophyte (No, I don't have a MySpace account--or I did open an account for the family, and Reload I think... and Multiply--for Reload, still)--I get reunited with old friends and start creating new ones. More than connections, the [free] *yay!* social sites became home to my responsive thoughts. Hmm... thoughts... YM and Blogger became comfy hubs for me, too. I dunno about you, but all these sites help me let out  my wordy and wordless concerns. Not only that, on days I quiet my keyboard, my eyes busy themselves filtering in refined, rich and stagy thoughts from friends and strangers alike. A secret musing: I am amenably growing at their costly posts.

How could I not return the favor.

Unafraid, I let my thoughts slide, but there's still much held to keep my opacity--but I don't care if I slowly lose it as long as it has created beautiful etches of help and enlightenment--minus it, I'd look better as Ms. Woody. Every line drop, a revealing icon posted or dots of silence all compel my transparency--the need to be glassy. For how I wish I could always spill the beans! Information overload kaya? U won't need and won't be interested in them anyway. Let's just all go natural--never papansin. Sigh, some things are meant to be held concealed for a time. So, ladies and gents, girls and boys, I hope that right at this level of transparency we can all keep ourselves healthy and sane.

*wanna-speak-to-your-life,ready-to-be-touched-too* mode

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