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newboys drums solo - - supah AWESOME!!!

i am beatless.
but i do love beats.
All big C at that!
may Christian beat pala?
Christian lyrics?
heavenly beat?
anu b talaga?
haha, whatever woi!)
my younger sissie does play the drums at our church, though.
and how i wish i can do at least the 16 beat.
well, just a proof of my none existent thought-arms-legs coordination!
anyway, my parents just purchased a Vic firth pair of drumsticks last Monday. and they wowed me when they got home.
so i hasted at the chance of handling them!
but oops, one of the two slipped out from my grip.
i'm definitely not the dummer girl type.
but i still love the drums.
and i still wish to keep a set in my future house!
(as traditionalists would keep a piano at home though no one knows how to play it! Yet I do--the widow thing! So I think hoarding an instrument i dunno how to play makes it even! *.*wink)
anyway, enjoy this awesome newsboys drums salvo vid at one of their GO concerts!
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