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Blogging The Day I Have To Blog About

okay, spare me a fraction of your day to reminisce the moments of one day I can really call a day :p

[22 AUGUST 2009]

I took my usually early devotional a little oversoon that Saturday. (There's something about early, I tell you! No, not just about the monkey! :p). It's the first waking morning since our parents left for Cebu for a Marriage Family Life Conference and at the same time, wedding anniversary trip (their 28th! I mean, the anniversary, not the trip. ahaha!). It's gonna be a long day I thought--my typical Saturday!  

Manang Honorata's knock broke the day's starchiness. She's always early, I thought it was Sunday already. She looked haggard. Her son (her kindest, according to her) died that daybreak. He was shot with seven cruel bullets at eleven in the evening, Friday. Manang was hysterical. She exclaimed praise and remorse alternatingly. I was battling hard how to feel with her during that most bitter time. I failed. I looked at Bem who shared the breakfast table with me. We were speechless. We hoped our parents were there that morning. They're experts of comforting the bereaved. Still lacking the best comforting gesture I could make, I held out my arms and embraced Manang (it will be awkward if Bem did it ;). I was already crying. It's so hard to watch a lamenting mother. Sigh.

I called mamams. She instructed us of the protocols (sorry for the very serious term--death is a serious matter anyway) which ended with--Take charge of the whole church while we're away, okay? You guys can make it. Hmm... after the challenging words, I whispered to God, Seems [hard], but here I [am]--ever willing--use me.

9:00 am.


It was supposed to be a festive day in Davao (Kadayawan Celebration), but Bem, Lai and I were just lounging around our small
sala. Our old bamboo set had been home to our thoughts since 1991. Hehe. So, we exchanged news--not much of the world around us, but the domains we so happily guard. Wow, I found big worlds I wish I could explore more often. We crafted big dreams. Pure aspirations--genuine desires that God in His sovereignty, would use us wherever, whenever. Funny, but we were touching on the course of marriage. I didn't know that Lalai really wanted me married already--it's her third asking this month. Ngorkz. But it was Bem who, without reservation(s), said that he thinks he is [ready]. woooh!

Oist. Your reactions don't matter for now. And why I am spilling it here? Wala lang, nakilig lang ko sa akong manghud! Ahahaha... Who knows? My beautiful and blessed sister-in-law-to-be could be reading now! *louder laughs*

Those precious two hours, weren't a waste. Those were investments I believe.

11:00 am

And so we decided to do some kickin' in the city. We didn't really know what we want to do then except, [bond]. Did I say, "bond"? Yeah, just anything we could glue on.

We drove to SM (after we decided to skip the bone screening I should have gone to. We didn't see Corie who urged us to visit the free clinic. Tsk, I needed that one!). The mall was packed. We had  lunch and then set off to claim Lalai's SM Advantage card. While she was queuing, I saw [someone]--I really knew from the past.
(naks! parang kung sino na noh?). Let's equate past with some days short to a month. My heart skipped. This lady in a halter top was the one I saw last July 30 at the G12 Summit in Matina. I can't be mistaken. It's her!

That lady pretended to be a leader-member of the church venue we assembled at for the Summit. We were both charging our gadgets at the media booth. We naturally conversed (with Papa, actually!) over mp3's and sermons. Weng came to me to say bye--she's off to her 3/11 shift. It took us a couple of minutes when I turned back to the lady--she's gone. With Papa's iTouch. :(
I asked the guy at the media booth where's her aunt (the lady)... He said he doesn't have an aunt there. But the lady told me he's her nephew! (Tugudugdog) I'm being clipped? I looked for her among the crowd... hastened downstairs, thinking she hasn't strided far--CLEAR--uh-oh! Haaay, my heart beat so fast. I was beguiled that easy? Grr.

12:45 PM ca.


Bem and I decided to follow the lady. I think she saw me trailing (Perhaps she remembered me, too). I asked Bem to follow her closely while I remained distant. She entered the Lito Sy Studio and delayed there for a few minutes. She went up the next floor and Bem lost her there. I staired the other side and got her! (cheer me on!)...
Promise, I was in-tongues the whole time... I still don't know exactly what to say... I knew I'd see her again--but would it really be this time? Will she admit? No, she'll deny most likely. Gaining more courage now, I approached her. I introduced myself (can't help being polite! naks! waaaaah!). I told her we met at the summit, she pretended to share files, that she told me her name's Joy, she's a leader at the church, her nephew's the media man--blah-blah-blah. I got an oh-yeah! You! I was about to return your Papa's iTouch. It's at home. If you want to come with me, I'll give your gadget. I didn't take it. It was may nephew who took it. I actually asked him to return it. I'm not that kind of a woman. I am decent. I have a decent job. Let's arrange this. Let's not make a scandal here.

Woooh... Too many things said in a 32 seconds! I wasn't making a scandal... And she was the one raising her voice... I wasn't actually planning to get the iTouch. Our family was already settled with the loss. Anyway, so she wanted to return it... we decided to go with her to her house--in Buhangin! Good, just near our place! She trembled--she immediately said, we have to drop by her work place (Apo View Hotel) to get her keys--she left at her locker. Wherever. Whatever. (heehee)

She hasted to leave SM. Bem had to pick Lalai from the SM Card counter (she didn't know yet what was happening). When the lady thought we lost Bem, she pulled me. I insisted that we wait for my siblings. She was insisting, too that she'd be late for work. (note: late? may duty pala xa? what time kaya? that was around lunch time... and why was she inviting us to go to her house after dropping by the hotel? hm...)


We already neared the exits, we lost Bem and Lai, the two lost sight of us, too. Where is she taking me? The lady said we had to see her cousin who was with her at the mall, daw. My doubts rushed up in heaps. I stopped her. I said, we had to go back to where we left my sibs. She dragged me to her way. This isn't right, I thought to myself. This lady can't do things her way. I went against her yanking and culled her back the department store. I told her, You follow us. Let's do this our way. You understand? (Kunwari, I was strong--and I was preaching to myself: You have to be strong!) She said we should trust her. She's really going to return the item. If we want, she'd surrender her phones to us until she returns the iTouch. Hmm, baka mabaliktad ang story... We wanted her ID's instead. She didn't carry any. It's in her locker, daw. (haha, we were playing police!)

On our way to the hotel, we tried to capture photos of her. All three of us were silently and simultaneously thinking that this lady is trying to getaway. And just in case she does so, at least we'll have a picture of her.
Ang ingay niya sa loob ng car. We were silent. We were in a bevy of prayers. Lord, wisdom. What's the best and right thing to do now? And we can't discuss. Haaay. We were discussing in the spirit with the Holy Spirit. Pa'no ba naman kasi, puro kami first timers!


At the hotel, she wanted me to accompany her--only me. But Lalai followed us (good, Lai). We went to the coffee shop where she claimed to be working. She tried to make us sit down while she goes to her supposed locker. We still followed her. She immediately entered the crew room past the shocked lady manager. We asked her (the manager) if she was really working there, she said no. We had to appeal to her and the crew to trail the lady down. We told them that she stole an item from us. Lalai followed them. I went back to the entrance to ask for help. The hotel closed all the doorways.
Lai and the security ran after her through the kitchen and the laundry departments. She checked the basement, the gym and even opened the ballroom (with the doctors in conference)--oops! The chasing went for minutes. They were asking me how the lady looked like. We tried to show them photos--blurry side photos and clear backviews lang pala nakuha namin---waaah!  

We lost her.


The traffic was jammed. It was a city holiday. Bem took a while to park the van. And when he did so, he headed to the hotel. But she saw someone coming out from the alley beside the hotel lot. The lady!
Saan ang mga ate ko? The lady saw him. She ran back. She tried to enter the Casino building. Knowing that Bem was pursuing her, she asked the guards to stop Bem. And the sentry did so. Si Bem na ngayon ang salarin! Bem explained. But it took time. Haaay. One good thing is that when the lady tried to exit from the Casino, the hotel's security apprehended her there! Weee! :D

2:00 PM ca.


She was brought to the hotel's crew lounge. Everyone was there--the admin, the owners, the staff, the security, the lady and us. In a moment's time, the police was there. She was investigated. There were two other theft incidents at the hotel in the last two months, and close to their inferences, it was her. The hotel had been her getaway berth when she does her MO's. We went to the nearest police station. Wooh, for the first time, we rode on a police patrol! Pangdamay nga babae! Haha. Super naulaw gyud si Lalai.

We settled everything at the station. The lady was begging us. She returned the pawn paper--whaat??? Yes, the item is at the pawnshop already--lukatable at Php 6K. "Who's going to pay for this?" I inquiringly exclaimed. Alangan naman ako? the officer said. Haha. Bem was silent. He was staring at the ceiling and said--Redemption. Jesus paid the full price, ate, just to redeem us.

The Anti-Fencing Law not applicable this time, we laid the plush amount. The iTouch, when I held it, it's [dearer] now.


So much for the James Bond spirit--chasing criminals--it's time to retire now. When we decided to leave the station (we didn't file a case but a scenario was recorded), we left the detained lady (we were merciful at that... hehe), but we brought with us precious lessons of redemption, mercy and discernment. While on our way home, we were still thinking about the lady--how she urged us and the police to let her go. (She even offered one officer herself, just to let her go--pitiful lady!). Time flat, the van was filled with praises. We interceded for salvation of the hotel people, police and the lady.

We really did bond.

4:00 PM ca.

We called Papa and Mama. We wanted to let them know that we're safe and had a fun festival. We wanted to break the news, but the story-telling would be limited... Mas enjoy yung may action-action and sound effects! haha! Haaay, Kadayawan!

Madayaw--richness; abundance. Truly, the Lord has inexhaustible ways of illustrating His extravagant love and rich ways to His people. He wants to express them in forms unforgettable. Let's be ready for days like this--fun, expensive and deep--I guess there's a lot ahead.


Went home--caught up with the eagurlz's prayer time;
worship team practice;

and wake service.

11:00 PM

That's a day I call a day.



making it happen

*click photo to enlarge. =)
Article for Sunog Mindanao III Newsletter.

CONSOLIDATION makes a rhythm...

consolidation now begins!

Lunch blast last Sunday--buttered chicken...
(tinitipid na) rice... Coke sakto... the favorite mango float (thx to Blexii)... and of course--my girls who completed the festive time! Everyone was so excited to share their praise reports. I actually told AJ on our way to Amorens (ang suking tindahan)--freeze your excitement 'til we get there... and let everyone share your joy! When we got to the place, everyone was mama-ing... my eleven twelve (Weng had her 7/3 duty). Banquetting over a simple meal, I was actually consolidating and hitching their weekly scoops. In this very berth, I relish every moment with my already grown, all-ready, and all-in girls. Consolidation doesn't end. Food is powerful. haha.

I was telling them of Val's experience on winning and consolidation. Last June, Val handed Joshua and his guy friends a 4D-ticket at G-mall. Not very cogent I know, because we usually hand flyers, tickets and sometimes calamansi juice at campuses. But this time, Val was happily shocked at Joshua's cloud-nine felicity--Yey!!! Finally I am invited to Reload... I have heard this before and was actually waiting to be invited. Thank You Lord!!! ---------Wow? and more wows at Val's perfect
consolidation combo--prayer and gleeful (imagine his trademark grin) kamustahan that I get to sit beside them at the G12 Summit. Patakod beh...

Mimay, too, showed-off her consolidation stint yesterday. She boldly walked to Ivan's invite (Angelie), got the story and a conso-date this week. Yeah I know you want to hear the spiel, so here it is
(as if mahaba): Angelie was actually waiting at People's Park--not for a date--but in a lucid hope that somebody would come to share the good news. She would go there just for that reason. Ibang klase! That Saturday, she waited... and tarried some more. She texted her cousin why someone [from above] wasn't showing up. 'Just linger, someone would surely come, maraming nagsh-share diyan...' was the reply. (You now get that there's a change of city buzz--woooooh!!!) God didn't fail her. Moments after, she got what she was there for.

The field is white. Doubtlessly.

It's winning time and some more.

Oh, you know what [some more] is =).

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