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Six of my girls decided to publicly demonstrate that they are Christians. Being identified with God's family through water baptism takes crucial weighing of things. More than being submerged into water, it is a sign of dying to self--burying the old man! Coming out of water symbolizes resurrection by the new self--cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. Being purchased at a high cost demands devotion and commitment. And I bet my girls know that after several talks with them... And girl, am I so glad I heard them say, they really wanted to undergo such a serious event voluntarily. This is God's work since one shouldn't be forced to water baptism.
The day was quite long in a hot and humid day... My feet sore at the harshness of the burning sand. Yet it did not keep me from enjoying a day worth celebrating!
Christianity does not stop at me.
I am now slowly seeing more girls living radical lives for my JC!


Today, people suffer the curse of indifference and perhaps, the lack of sound judgment. Politics. Economy. Education. Social System. Religious Sect. Etcetera.
We've lost so much by mocking too many people and orgs because of their inability to realise their outrageous plans. What's the prob? Who has the answer? What is the answer? If change is the answer, who will do it?
Indeed, there's a call for change. And I want to heed the call. I choose not to blame the people in authority. I won't point my finger any longer.
Woe is I, they say. Almost always misused. But what if we put it before the word change, it will make the difference and definitely become the answer of love and war. There's no such thing as stagnant. All things either grow or deteriorate. So if one chooses to not do anything, fall is right on the way.
If change is the answer, no one's most required to do it but me.
Yes, I.

barely making a scratch

Since I resigned from my teaching career in 2006, I became a full time staff of BCC (Buhangin Community Church)--and of course the most hands-on leader of Youth Reload. One of the 6 volunteers, I never regret being a part of the team who's vision is to raise up a generation of young people who will be sold out to Jesus. We're close to three years in operation and I could remember the primitive (haha!) way of starting the youth service. Everyone just came to wait on God--share our burdens--and be strengthened by His Word. And now it has evolved into a more creative way of letting the young people pour their hearts and talents before their One True Maker and Savior. Last September, we started our weekly Friday meetings. We could see God moving, meeting the needs and changing lives of the young people in our city. Leaders emerge and new lives are being birthed in God's family.

Reload has kept me busy the past two years... Not a big deal, because I have always been busy since the timee--I dunno! But the recent ones cannot be compared to my other preoccupations in the past. This summer alone, I have been to different local places--and all are worth the packing and unpacking of stuff. Truth be known i've had an unforgettable summer to date.. and while the vast majority of the hours have been spent engaged in all manner of activity under the umbrella of what may be described as "work".. i couldn't be more excited about the result.. Lighting the fire of the people you meet and learning as much in the active and wee hours of travel.

Halfway of the hottest season of the year, I still find myself discontent with the trying efforts I make for the vision. What else is in store for me in the future? Or what the future could wait as I make my mark today?

At this moment in history, we are the people in the places.. and we are the ones defining history itself.. and we are the ones creating history.. and so the question must be asked…. If we are the future; how's it gonna look..??

Can I truly impact a world that's almost defined to be unknown? There's so much to change. But here, in my corner of the world, I resolve to keep doing the things I do (like Reload!)... build on it and let the flywheel run until it flies.

Yeah, just that. and probably more!

I lab Pinas

Last week, we had our share of the summer thrill by crossing the Cotabato Road from Davao to Zamboanga Peninsula. It's short cut from the usual Dvo-CDO (Cagayan de Oro City), then, CDO-Zambo route. A thrill I say, because it's a guerilla/MILF-infested area. Not only that, you can include the NPA's. AS civilians, we are cautioned not to go through this route by ourselves. Apparently, the road's been used by hundreds of private travelers already! So, we crossed it anyway! (never mind the jitters!)...
Yeah, we we're more prayerful Monday and Saturday. Settlers eye us when we cut through the Muslim air. Basically because there are no vehicles preceding or in sequel to us. Of course, we were safe, or else, I won't be posting any today! But more than the tickling fright of the trip, we were in awe of beauty of the sky, land and inhabitants. God, You are awesome in spite of our civil differences!

scrappin' for the good

I could still remember the day I discovered a fetish love for scrapbooking. I was a senior Chemistry student back then, but I always squeeze my time so I can cut vellums, tear dicuts and
paste candid photos. It's always a joy to finish a project. I now have three full albums of my share of scrappies and not only I make iddie projects, but developed a love for featuring other people. Wanna be one? Hehe, as much as I want to do more projects, I don't have much time recently... I travel a lot and actually, find myself frustrated with albums of tempting photos to become one of my trying projects! But hey, digital scrapping is less time-consuming... so now, I'm starting to learn a few strokes... and it's addictive!

Sounds fun, eh? Yeah, scrappin' is definitely gratifying. Yes, it's that and more! You get to release stress, forget about gossip, and stop wandering thoughts. Practically, you can make use of dust colleting materials at home, remove the boredom of old and even new photos, and of course organize them!

So, scrapbook for a good reason! *wink*

easy worship

Being part of a thriving youth worship team, it had never been easy bringing people to meet with their One True God in an intimate level. But I couldn't deny the fact that it had been always an exciting journey--learning the quirks of the matter and the consolation of knowing that you're doing the right thing. Recently, I appreciate this certain program called Easy Worship to the core!
EasyWorship is designed to easily display songs, scriptures, videos, and alerts during the whole service. Utilizing a video graphics card with two outputs makes it easier to work without disturbing the audience. One output goes to the primary monitor and the congregation while the other is the working monitor for the projectionist! This allows the operator to control all aspects of the service and only show the congregation what they need to see for effective worship.

You look good, girl! (man!)
We don't have to be somebody else, so that others would like us.
Being who we are and doing what we're created for will make us better.
Having a heart of worship and living a life devoted to Jesus will even make us the best of "you" that you should be!
You can linger on the mirror in full appreciation of what He has done for that precious person you're looking at.
Or better check the mirror if you have started to believe the lie that you're a monkey!

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