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SM2 Execom

here are the SM2 pics i found @friendster
(through Erika's site, thx Kai!)...
through all the sleepless nights and emergency meetings...
they all came to a fruition
of a dyanamic, enriching and transformational
two-venued conference!
it was a collaborative work of
the three main G12 networks
in Mindanao which are led
by pastors ruffy lagat, noel alkuino & herly montes.
the second of the annual G12 conferences here
(excluding the previous summits and G12 conferences),
SM2 marked yet another consuming fire
for evangelism and discipleship.
Yes, G12 is a system. But G12 is character.
As part of the SM2 Executive Committee,
i learned a lot from planning,
shifting (being flexible),
creative and diligent,
selfless and faithful!
We're now all back to our respective congregations.
but we're happier in serving
and more excited at what God has in store
for the Mindanao churches!
We caught the spirit of the vision
and we will run with it!!!
(for sermon notes, check langga's blog)

the venuses of SM2.

pizza lunch

the guys

brooke witmer tried the native durian!!! pastor noel alkuino (left) and pastor frank (right) munching it too!

ate alma, erika, & moi

1am @ bistro rosario with...
ps. rich witmer & brooke,
ps. oriel & ate ger ballano,
ps. frank santos & joshua,
ps. johnny touzet
and ps. ricaro santiago!


Jez said...

That must be a lot of fun!
I never dared to try a fresh durian. hehe. I like the bars/ pastries, though :-P

terej_supergirl said...

you'd better try nxt time jez...
msarap talaga.
u'r attending d G12 Conference this Dec diba? baka pwede kita dalhan. try ko ismuggle. hehe

Anonymous said...

Pastor nanglugos

read the runes

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