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I was so blessed watching AJ plan her silver day. She asked her boss to make it a holiday instead of February 14, the usual. She planned to take her K1 students with her at an orphanage and host a party. 

I know how much AJ makes in a month, but her desire to bless others made her forget her limitations. And when others heard of this God-idea, many of them voluntarily planted seed. And so, the party happened. Things like this should happen!).  We included Maricor's previous birthday on the celebration and off we went to the orphanage armed with loot bags, balloons, food, songs and activity materials for all the kids to enjoy. And most of all, ready to explode with God's great love.

We saw rejected kids. Some were talented while others had physical impediments. We had nothing more but God's touch. 

Many of the kids had sore eyes that's why I had to distantiate. Nonethless, I came to see how God was gracious in making AJ grow! Really, she has grown soooo much! Soli Deo Gloria!

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