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an ode to chic-ness

spending time with girlfriends, again. woohoo! ah, it has never been sweeter. ;)
i love the kulitans as much as i love the unreserved dispenses of the heart. 
and last night, i was just listening to Chem (my disciple of 10yrs now) as she keeps me posted of her recents and nexts. This girl's definitely walking in high heels--confident in the Lord; sure of her calling; daring each step even though they're risky most of the time. Her faith has kept her solid, yes in the Lord.
i am blessed.
(my disciples get me blessed by their lives and choosings a lot of times; I hope they know that.)
far from being able to state fashion well, Chem and the rest of my girls have defined what it is to be spiritually posh, heavenly mod, and godly select. 

+genuinely love the Lord.;
+pick themselves up from falling and failing times;
+drive happenings;
+both follow and lead;
+joyfully serve;
+know they have quirks, but found the grace of God;
ah, the list would be endless as I keep discovering God-things with them. =)

my girls are chic in God's eyes---so [in] in His plan and purpose---an evidence of God's grace. i am always left amazed at how the Lord has worked and how He is still fashioning us into His image. i praise Him, yes, I'll do that and more! ;)

NOTE: INTENTIONAL FAIR LOVE goes to all my girls, my loves, my treasures, my crowns, my princesses; I'm sorry for emphasizing Chemis this time. I guess I'll have more years of my blogging to not ever write about you.
+PHOTOS were used prior to this post; sorry if they're more of me =(.this is my blog, anyway! hehehe! ;)

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