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(one of three blogs I wish to pen this week… okay, congratulate me kay nadasig napud!)

just finished editing the video compilation of my girls' one-liner testimonies... haha, natuwa ako... finally, i figured out how chroma-keying is done!
it's going to be a full night this friday, noh? (talking to myself...) we're still half-way the preps, but as the global-melancholy that i am, i take more lakwatsa sa net, than preparing... and xempre, on-my-knees and facedown sessions are musts!

some things make this coming reload different:

i. "Ptr. Ave Moment" (Ate Raya translated his fam name into English--Ptr. I-thought--galing ni Ate Raya! Haha, pero it doesn't lessen the fact that we honor our leaders... hm... come, let's reason together! wahaha!) i thought we're hosting the 24th's... and just last sunday, Bem checked the sked for me--it's gonna be this friday na... so, we're cramming (as we usually do!)... nakaka-score na naman ang pressure sa akin... at least, it brings out the best (in me? in-us nalang!)... nagiging best friend ko na yata... (a new friend from an old company, huh?)

ii. "walang puyatan"—pero whole day work nga lang… not-to-mention the breaks!!! But since we’re still in advent, di natin alam... pero so far, all arranged naman... what else are yet-to-be-done? Ppt Presentation? (pics are ready—it’ll be final by friday); Outline (half-way through; revelations keep coming!); stage deco (the girls are doing it tonight); Dance Presentation (Jing's the girl!); Program (my ever trusted Langga & Kilet); PAW (Toto's leading); Announcement Media (Allyza & me are doing it mamaya!)Haay… I sooo love my girls!

iii. "something old, something new" --what's something old?--the basics... prayer... prayer... prayer... and a little conceptualizing!!! Since the theme is Warrior Chicks--the environmental theme would be China--as in Mulan! Why? Hmm... See you sa Reload!!!
Something new naman... Ung Chroma-Keyed video! (halata ba'ng ang saya ko talaga? waaah....); and the remix of chinese songs for the dance which Jing asked of me... my first time to edit, and i think i'm enjoying it!

iv. and... haha... i'm blogging before the event happens! (okay, sorry for the usually late Reload blogs especially the Jacob-Rachel one...)

you might ask, bakit ba kina-career naming sobra ang Reload? For the Eagurlz (and the whole youth reload, I believe), it’s WORSHIP. Whatever we do—whether we speak, dance, sing, challenge an offering, usher people, act, write scripts, edit videos, capture God-moments with a camera, manage media or intercede—it’s all Worship before the King. And we long for every turn that we get to do it… (once a month by the way! And a rest in January and May!) It’s also SERVICE. We get to serve the Church—the reloaders in bringing the Message to this generation. And, it’s FUN… bonding and consolidation for everyone! Whatever we do, masaya naman—that’s because you like the people you’re with… Ganyan din cgro sa heaven noh? You get to be with the people you like (and love!) for like, forever! (Reload preps pa nga lang, masaya na! Imagine life na bawal ang word na “end!”)

so thanks guys for sharing the excitement with me... there's one thing that i'd like you to do, though... and please do it over (plus over plus over and over plus again--kahit until this Fri lang!): Please pray for us!

Much thanks!

So, cge, gtg, allyza's coming na! toodles! ;)

charged at sunup

four hours of hugging pillows and hiding under the sheets... how time squeaked by! and now i'm in full senses again... (at 2:38am)... a little bored, well, at least entertained by my first cup of coffee (first? ...and will delight in a sequel!) i'm just forcing myself to finish one so i can take a spoon of mucolytic in a while... yeah, i coughed myself to wake! at least the hacking (not to mention, barking) only disturbed myself...


i didn't know mamams own a very orange (neon pa nga) umbrella... (it's in front of me now--as if it's gonna move! and no, i'm not relocating)...

it's Saturday na pala noh... what were the highlights this week?
...the primary twelve's photoshoot... buffet lunch (and siyempre, buffet pud ang katawa!)...
...the Milan talk with Corie... it swoop me literally... perte uy!
...the stroll... threesome, we (mom & lai) looked for something to munch and ended up lounging at some coffee place... nagkwentuhan... nagtawanan... mayaman naman kami sa ganyan! haaay, ang saya ng gabi--what could a melancholy expect from sanguines! and now, solong-solo ko ang silence ng sala... i wish one of them would wake up and dish out a story... (i'll try to whoop a little louder... hehe)
...the pizza birthday (happy birthday, migz! hala uy, 23 ka na... magminyo najud ka? di pa unta ko sugot, pero murag sugot man si papa... haha... good luck nalang jud sa maminyuan... hahaha... mag-ampo jud kog buotan nga sister-in-law...)
...Eagurlz prayer at Biba's--marathon... lahat nanalo sa endurance... soaking and encouragement through the Word... (pikot kaayo akong mata pag-uli... totoinkz!)
...Eagurlz concept night--tambay, prayer and brain storming for the next Reload to spearhead... Gogogo Warrior Chicks!!! meeting with Janeth (no running away!)
...registration payments; pastors' allowances;
...the loooong worship practice...
...leading worship (woah... woah...)
...Re-Encounter (topic: Creating Leaders Who Are Sure of Themselves);
...hearting the book, Girlfriend, You're A B.A.B.E. (malaman!)
...last night's footwashing
...delirou5?'s back to the start, my heart is heavy; feels like it's time to dream again... it's gonna rain... yeah-yeah...


Sip. Gulp. Sip.

To a beautiful you:
1. Do beautiful things.
2. Take worship walks.
3. Laugh well. (it's okay to cough, but express a hearty cackle when it desists... haaay...)


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