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eighty-nine at the hospital

15 September 2008. We rushed to Butuan City to check on my lola's condition. We were supposed to visit her that weekstart (?hehe) for her birthday. However, her eighty-ninth celebration was held at the hospital since she had her second and third nosebleeds early Monday morning. The five-hour travel extended to six, and we arrived at J.Santos Hospital still happy that Nanay Susing is relatively well despite the oxygen tanks attached to her.

My lola's really advancing in years. We don't see each other everyday but everytime we do, she does not miss to pray for all her children, grandchildren and great grand children! Her all time favorite songs are heard always, but this time, only a hum.

I love her strong-willed personality, her unwavering passion for God (which started in the 1960's!) and her genuine love for her brood! She really has aged gracefully! Sober and fighting! And for the next years, I know she'd still be kickin'.

I love you, Nanay!


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