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todo na to

waffles and chocolate ice cream!
K-Night was nothing but fun while
Weng dished out her 23rd birthday treat for us.
we evaluated our:
+52-day prayer chain
+Conquest Level (144)
+Bulletin Board
+Youth Reload
we really need to do our share
and do them sincerely!
we have decided na...
to fight guilt
and the spirit that keep us away from God's presence...
we have decided to keep running!
itotodo na namin toh!

the meeting ended with our new mother names:
:: amoreh as MAMREH (short for Mama Amoreh)
:: aj as NAYA (short for Nanay Aj)
:: blessy as MISSY (mommy blessy)
:: chem as MYCHEM (mommy chem)
:: jing as MAVIE (mama jenevieve)
:: roxan as MAMUX (mama rox)
:: lalai as MYLAI (mommy lai)
:: laurie anne as MAAN (mama anne)
:: micah as MYKAI (mommy kai)
:: maricor as MICOY (mommy cor/coi)
:: weng as MAWIE (mama weng)
:: vilma as MABING (mama bing)

way to go, mothers of many nations!!!


langga said...

gna gamit na gud namo ang maan terej...
ka rmmber ka gi suggest na nimo sko 1st sa nursezone?heheheh

terej_supergirl said...

cute noh?
by God's grace,
naicpan nato toh...
absent xa sa Klosel
kay nagaksakit man xa ato.
tpos pagtxt nako sa names
nga nasabutan...
she got it jud
n xa si MAAN!
u girlz r blessed 2 have her...

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