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I tell you what. I've been living a cashless life. I mean, literally not having money. I guess that's how a traditional Christian defines "living by faith." I'm adept with allowing God to move in my life beyond the indispensable concerns of finance. And I could testify. I've traveled to cities and nations, sometimes, without a single penny. Yes, my God can [provide].

When we were younger, me and my sibs were trained to save. We had our piggy banks... and popular to Filipinos, bamboo banks. And then, we each opened our kiddie bank account at whatever-happened-to Banco Filipino. I would excitedly go to neighboring depository alone--as a grader. (With how our money built up then? Papaps would sometimes buy our exam results, sell peanut butter or save up from our allowance--with whatever we keep, he would double it, provided we put it in. Sure, we were motivated.)

Over the years, the faith was established rather radically. And I guess, seeing myself drop whatever was salted away, yes, even a hefty amount of 30K (which miraculously came from somewhere, someone) in the offering box. Yes, that vintage-y box became my financial account, believing that a celestial bank pays much more. I was never taught that, but I've seen it open a wellspring of blessing for our family as this lifestyle was modeled to us by my parents. 

Now understanding that God does not will me to live only a life of surviving weekends (of course, I don't mean just that, hehe!) but an abundant daily life. Proverbs 3:9-10 is too much of a promise that I sadly didn't really acted upon. He was ever ready to bless me ever since I obeyed but I don't have the vats prepared for the turnaround's. Last yearend, I realized I miss banking. So I candidly scribbled on my Book of Dreams that this year, I'd finally open another my third one. With some quirks in the way, I ended up with two--in just a month. And God has poured out soooooo much [initial] blessing yet! Indeed, my God can [promote]. I'm still living life by faith only in another dimension for I am convinced, He can [prosper] His people!


Jez said...

Wow. A life of faith and work!
Nakaka-bless ka talaga, TRej. Power!

angelica marasigan said...

Hi Pastor Rej...nakakabless ang post nyo..makes me want to save more..By Faith..jejeje..since nagencounter me nachange din po ang pananaw ko with money...

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