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Last night is another fizzle time with my girls in church. We had to plan the twelfth day of our conquest season. After the hodgepodge of thoughts (yeah, we're like that--much of the planning time is jesting over the juicy parts of our lives), Langga and I were into another wave of spontaneity. We gushed over things big and small, but the bulk of yesternight's tattle was sharing about how our settled ministry-focused lives were again poked.

Always the articulate speaker, she sliced recent moments of having an array of job offers enough to address the rants of relatives knowing her to be all out in the ministry. But she was firm enough to say that her heart is decided to only move when she hears from God. I find her truly committed but I admit I also see in her eyes the desire of a genuine nurse eager to be back in action with those in medical uniforms. It must be tough when you know you have the edge in the field but you feel ripped the same when you're not doing what God calls you to do. Well, seeing other young people come to BCC in their hospital uniforms must have triggered the few times she entertains the idea.

In the realm of openness and encouragement, we managed to cross the drama of the night. We knew we just want to be responsible in generating more resource for our dear selves that we would be able to bless others around us. And as of this writing, we just finished our first business meeting with Dion. We were in our imaginary medical scrub top--busily working out to create a balance of things. Really, it is time to take the first step to healing the disease of the uneven.


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