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Since being in the youth pastoral team in Buhangin Community Center, I have been blessed to eat out a lot more than stress myself with planning. Well, it’s more converse than what I just said, but it feels more of the fun side now than tough. It’s true, building rapport has changed much of our leadership strength. And, tonight, our meeting at Coffee Cat was more of unloading and listening to one another. I had always been friends with Micah since way back when, but now I could really testify more of the evident strength of God in her life. What seem to tear her apart has always been powerless by the sustaining grace God freely affords her. And there was Val, Indai, Ombeng. These guys rock. They are all working people (Now, I am, too! ) yet they lavish so much time for the work of God. I am blessed. We meet the Yuppies (young professionals at church) monthly, but the youth only know so much about the core leaders they look up or pass by–stars in their own right, for the yuppies, a secret team star of five edges.


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