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Justin Bieber Generation?

While preparing for the program for next week's Youth Reload, I came across this Justin Bieber video. He was younger then; obviously having passion for the Lord. And I thought, What if, in his concerts, he suddenly leads people to worship and calls for an altar?

Sure, it's gonna be a great harvest event.

I am definitely past the JBieber generation, but seeing them, there's so many young souls to win for the Lord. And, one sweet, big hope I see. We just don't know what God is preparing JB for. In the limelight, for such a time as this--only God knows. (Okay, I'm about to request prayer for him... wahehe! Well, if you won't mind, you can! =D)

Barely half of the day, my mind's so up and running--but only one thing in mind--to express devotion to the greatest love of my life: Jesus.


angelica marasigan said...

jejejeje..I'm also past the JB Gen Te Rej...Cge lang..ur still looking young!!!

Your young at heart..Thanks for the encouraging words..It's nice to talk to you too..

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