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i regret regretting

a few hours and some minutes,
it's gonna be over...

yeah, like you, i hate goodbyes...
but what can i do?

keep memories in my heart...
yet it's still farewell.

without a doubt, i enjoyed (no, there's a better word than that!) the rich year,
in fact, dragging myself towards 2009,
would be the least thing to do.

right now, i'm actually thrilled
by the thought of yanking
it to heaven's gates
that the Lord be glorified in all the turn-outs within it...

that's the regret I secretly kept until the time's closing.
i was flaunting my
todo mode operation all year
yet today, i feel there's a
todo-er mode
(*wink*)i can switch my knob to.

are you familiar with rehearsing mistakes?
my, i have become a master of that art (huh, if it is!)

by paying a luxurious amount of time for it!

i regret regretting.

i'm taking off my toga,

because it's school time again in few turns of Mr. Hour's hand...
happy new year, everyone!
prepare, coz greater things are gonna come!


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