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BCC family day

BCC Family Day, the first since embracing the vision for multiplication,
i really enjoyed the busy day that i forgot to eat!!!
Papaps shared about the prominent John Wooden
and inspired us all to continue rowing our boats upstream!
The powerful testimonies of Jojo, Juris, Mayang & Lawrence
added to the Thanksgiving flavor!
I went home at lunch to fetch 3 trays of Crema de Fruta
and the PiNATAka special
I prepared for my girls!
(uuuy, marunong na daw ako magprepare ng food!
hahaha, trying hard!)
The money was from BCC, a monetary treat for the network
that sends the most number of Encounter participants--
and oh, there was no announcement that we will be prized
and was prized! But thanks again BCC Leadership
for remembering the girls who labored
to send people to the Encounter! ;D
We spent the whole afternoon with a battery of presentations!
the kids' song number and FDD's skit stood out...
and there were door prizes in between...
Children were dedicated to the Lord
(ninang ulit ako for the 23rd time!)
and our network did a repeat performance of
Vineyard Manila's Time to Fly! haha...
the girls held the Tatty Bears,
mother eagle's early Christmas gift...

I missed Annie's 18th Birthday well wishing
and the water baptism
since i ran 2 rounds of pre-encounter lessons 4 & 5!
(four lessons in all)
i really asked for a break since super gutom na talaga!
(thank God, the girls were kind to me!)
F.Day ended our busy November
and we'll be surely starting the busier month of December!!!


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