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The Cute Jew At MOA

it's past twelve when we have decided
to kill the time at the Mall of Asia
since our Mla-Dvo flight was still at 6.
we still have 3 hours or so before check-in.
so while strolling at the
second largest mall in Asia
(i dunno the first one!
i was just told it's the 2nd largest.
i didn't even bother asking what outlasted it,
for the reason that i'm already satisfied with the
leisurely yet punishing walks
i've had in the three visits i paid in this trip ;)
so you know where an unplanned mall time
would lead: clothes department!
i'm not really into it, i confess.
but the spacious Kamiseta, P&P, Maldita and Bench shops
are definitely inviting.
while nearing the Von Dutch (did i spell it right?)
boutique, a cute young man was smiling at me.
i did not reciprocate of course.
but i found myself staring at the curly mane
and clear skin that he was sporting.
he came to me, smiled wider and grabbed my left hand.
hey, this foreigner is going overboard.
the next thing i know, he was pinching a lotion tube
and massaging my hand.
He's actually selling me a lotion from the "holy land."
My mom who was with me asked
if he's a jew. a proud one, he nodded and
turned to squeeze my mom's hand with lotion, too.
he led us into his corner of "holy land" products
called -417 (Minus 417).
he got my mom into a conversation
while i managed to look around the rest in their stacks.
i found crucifixes, stones, prayer booklets,
colognes, shampoo, soap, and rosaries.
his cousin who attempted to entertain me
probably thought that i wasn't that interested,
grabbed a stick from his box of cigarettes and left.
i motioned close to the flat monitor screen
that showcased Israel, the Holy Land.
My heart broke as i was watching the video clip
and the young men right before us.
(because there were four of them in all)
they're making a business out of:
a. their country,
b. other nations' idea of the holy land
(or the red sea)
c. Jesus!
The Christian angst in me arose.
i personally didn't like
what they're doing.
before i gestured to my mama my dislike of them,
i saw her making a purchase of an eye cream
and another product which cost her
a discounted price of 2100 Php.
well, it didn't anger me since i am in hope,too,
that it would remove the redness
and skin-peeling around papaps' eyes.
(let it heal, i pray! money-back at least)
while the guy busied himself packaging the items,
i waited near the ice skating rink adjacent to the stall.
though i enjoyed the sight of children gliding,
i heard a voice probing,
"right attitude, huh?"

"can i have our lesson later? I'm at the mall,"
I bargained.
you read me right, yeah,
i was actually avoiding a session with God.

okay, i am sorry...
*my* lesson, not our lesson.
They're Your children.
Your chosen people.
I'm an adopted daughter,
bought at a very high price.
(which i will be forever grateful for)
I may have not said bad things,
but I thought of them in a bad way.
Compassion for Your people.
a genuine feeling that should start
some "where"
right "where"
other people cannot see, hear, or even enter.

- Theology 101.03 -


Jez said...

This was after the con, right?

Anyway, it was a wonderful message that the Lord has given you through that situation. Loving God, loving people :-)

btw, sana effective naman yung eye cream :-P

Tina Lanuzo-Schoolcraft said...

hi! we are selling the same product line of Minus417 at a much cheaper price. You can order online and we can ship it to you! Check our site:

Have a nice day!

Toda raba (thank you in Hebrew),
Tina Lanuzo-Schoolcraft
Sabra Trading

Tina Lanuzo-Schoolcraft said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on our multiply site. Our Avani Mineral Eye Cream costs P1,130.00, while the Minus417 Delicate Eye Cream costs P1,033.00. They have the same formulation and benefits, just different brands. :)

By the way, I love your blog posts. And the songs on your playlist.

Toda Raba,
Tina Lanuzo-Schoolcraft
0917 7227299

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