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Today, people suffer the curse of indifference and perhaps, the lack of sound judgment. Politics. Economy. Education. Social System. Religious Sect. Etcetera.
We've lost so much by mocking too many people and orgs because of their inability to realise their outrageous plans. What's the prob? Who has the answer? What is the answer? If change is the answer, who will do it?
Indeed, there's a call for change. And I want to heed the call. I choose not to blame the people in authority. I won't point my finger any longer.
Woe is I, they say. Almost always misused. But what if we put it before the word change, it will make the difference and definitely become the answer of love and war. There's no such thing as stagnant. All things either grow or deteriorate. So if one chooses to not do anything, fall is right on the way.
If change is the answer, no one's most required to do it but me.
Yes, I.


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