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Six of my girls decided to publicly demonstrate that they are Christians. Being identified with God's family through water baptism takes crucial weighing of things. More than being submerged into water, it is a sign of dying to self--burying the old man! Coming out of water symbolizes resurrection by the new self--cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. Being purchased at a high cost demands devotion and commitment. And I bet my girls know that after several talks with them... And girl, am I so glad I heard them say, they really wanted to undergo such a serious event voluntarily. This is God's work since one shouldn't be forced to water baptism.
The day was quite long in a hot and humid day... My feet sore at the harshness of the burning sand. Yet it did not keep me from enjoying a day worth celebrating!
Christianity does not stop at me.
I am now slowly seeing more girls living radical lives for my JC!


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