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Since I resigned from my teaching career in 2006, I became a full time staff of BCC (Buhangin Community Church)--and of course the most hands-on leader of Youth Reload. One of the 6 volunteers, I never regret being a part of the team who's vision is to raise up a generation of young people who will be sold out to Jesus. We're close to three years in operation and I could remember the primitive (haha!) way of starting the youth service. Everyone just came to wait on God--share our burdens--and be strengthened by His Word. And now it has evolved into a more creative way of letting the young people pour their hearts and talents before their One True Maker and Savior. Last September, we started our weekly Friday meetings. We could see God moving, meeting the needs and changing lives of the young people in our city. Leaders emerge and new lives are being birthed in God's family.

Reload has kept me busy the past two years... Not a big deal, because I have always been busy since the timee--I dunno! But the recent ones cannot be compared to my other preoccupations in the past. This summer alone, I have been to different local places--and all are worth the packing and unpacking of stuff. Truth be known i've had an unforgettable summer to date.. and while the vast majority of the hours have been spent engaged in all manner of activity under the umbrella of what may be described as "work".. i couldn't be more excited about the result.. Lighting the fire of the people you meet and learning as much in the active and wee hours of travel.

Halfway of the hottest season of the year, I still find myself discontent with the trying efforts I make for the vision. What else is in store for me in the future? Or what the future could wait as I make my mark today?

At this moment in history, we are the people in the places.. and we are the ones defining history itself.. and we are the ones creating history.. and so the question must be asked…. If we are the future; how's it gonna look..??

Can I truly impact a world that's almost defined to be unknown? There's so much to change. But here, in my corner of the world, I resolve to keep doing the things I do (like Reload!)... build on it and let the flywheel run until it flies.

Yeah, just that. and probably more!


pawayusa98 said...

Hi Rej! Sorry for my last comment... that's the affective side of me... :)

Anyway, have you ever tried asking yourself why you took up Chem. Eng. and ended up in church and Youth Reload? I mean, what's the Course for? Have you ever had an encounter with classmates in college, professors or deans who look up to you and finds it totally weird for you to give up your profession for something like the "CHURCH"? They do have no idea and you understand but you felt a struggle and if its fine to categorize it as a bite of regret... Well, same set of Q's confused me right after I resigned from work. Then I decided to take up units in Theology but not for the sole purpose of being called a "pastor" but in one way or another to know more about God and the Bible and learn ministry... strange move? Not really... but I do have frustrated moments. As they say, it's easier to make a fortune than to make a "difference."

In the ministry we have unique roles and oftentimes we felt so isolated and the work we do seem too tiny to impact this world. There are billions but we can only reach hundreds, or thousands... but I dream for multitudes... dunno how but God does. (WOOHOO! -hahaha!)

Do you think there's a difference between the "Kingdom" and the "church"? My mentor once illustrated this to me. She made a "dot" on the board and described it as the (physical) "church" and she added that the entire "board" is the "kingdom". My mind was perplexed and was slightly disoriented trying to figure out the extent of my narrow-perception of the ministry. She continued discussing about the "Theology of the Marketplace." It is a revolution within the ministry of Christians. We are not limited by the four corners of the physical building of the church in proclaiming the Kingdom values that Christ has taught us but we can be professionals and business people who can be excellent in the workplace as a radiance of Christ's light in us. The tongue can be silent but our life can speak for itself in declaring that salvation in Jesus Christ has the power to transcend and change lives for His purpose and glory.

Anyway, I do wonder how much God can do in the little things we make. THe theory of multi-intelligence tells us that we can be very good in something and very poor on the other and it's really good to know that so we could build up collaborations for the Glory of God thru the diversity of our strengths and weaknesses. It is all about Jesus and the souls He outrageously love... Thank God I'm one of them.

Just a verse whenever I feel too small of what I'm doing...

"Do not despise your small beginnings for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin." -Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)

It is not the place that makes us shine but it is us who makes the place shine thru Christ, our Light!

More power to you Miss Rej! or Te Rej! or SilverGirl12... whatever... God bless you MORE! :)

terej_supergirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
terej_supergirl said...

it's BS-Chem, gen. : ) haha,as if it matters! I'm happy that I'm here serving in church, and serving the Church! It's not that I ended up being here... I chose to be here... (*big smile*)
well, i do see myself working in the academe in the years to come or maybe have my own business. I just don't have the GO Signal yet. And just to answer why I endured the tedious years of study, it's just that...When I was in High School, I never felt going full time in church... and i had the college scholarship--and i jumped in!!!
It's also a way of helping my sister and parents---i could give my college plan to my sis, who had none, and might not even get to college... becos u know... pastor's allowance/honorarium thing...oh, you know that (PK ka rin diba?)!
and Chem is the Open Course for scholarship the time...
but we were and are so blessed...
the 3 of us are now done w college.
hey, the third quessie is a digger! Yeah, i met with my professors last year when i arranged for my grad school requirements.. and they are a little dismayed with my choice. they don;t understand...
even my classmates in grad school offered a lot of job opps for me.. coz im the underemployed but happy one in class!
they all have items in DepEd, but they're not fulfilled, i can tell.
and another, hehe.
*well, it would be great to make both fortune and change. posterity is a fortune. and Change is what's needed.
*honestly, i'm enjoying the maybe-tiny-work I do to impact a morally & spiritually deteriorating world. yes, there are times that i'm tired, i'm tired of seeing Christians not being real christians... christian leaders faking it... and christians quitting.
*Marketplace--yeah I have been to a conference that talked abt it. I really do wanna be involved. and someday soon winning ppl in there.
*shining in a darkened world--yes, coz we're the light. darkness flees when the light comes. if we could just shine and continually shine!
*thx 4 f verse.
*May God continue to bless the righteous works your hands find to do.
*be more blesed. find your disciples.

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