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I could still remember the day I discovered a fetish love for scrapbooking. I was a senior Chemistry student back then, but I always squeeze my time so I can cut vellums, tear dicuts and
paste candid photos. It's always a joy to finish a project. I now have three full albums of my share of scrappies and not only I make iddie projects, but developed a love for featuring other people. Wanna be one? Hehe, as much as I want to do more projects, I don't have much time recently... I travel a lot and actually, find myself frustrated with albums of tempting photos to become one of my trying projects! But hey, digital scrapping is less time-consuming... so now, I'm starting to learn a few strokes... and it's addictive!

Sounds fun, eh? Yeah, scrappin' is definitely gratifying. Yes, it's that and more! You get to release stress, forget about gossip, and stop wandering thoughts. Practically, you can make use of dust colleting materials at home, remove the boredom of old and even new photos, and of course organize them!

So, scrapbook for a good reason! *wink*


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