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just like you

by: Jason Upton

I tried to walk on the water and found myself under the sea

So with water up my nose I felt your hand come close to save me
Ive tried to cast out the demons Ive gone to the darkest of regions
When fear has me shaking you suddenly break in to save me

I desire
To be like you
Like any son or daughter
I want to be like my Father
I desire to be like you
You promised to never forsake me
So Ill risk it all if youll make me like You

You stand beside me just waiting
while I try to go it alone

Smiling You say son come here
wont you let me just help you

But frustrated I try to make it
cause Ive just got something to prove

Not knowing it is my weakness
that perfects your power

i still love this song...
i can't get enough of it since i heard it in 2002
and got a copy of the cd in 2004.
Sir Jason Upton himself sent me a package of his cds
and i was all too exuberant...
there were five Remember cds...
(which includes the unedited FLY spontaneous song
where you can hear the angels sing with him)
2 Key of David's...
and 1 Faith album...
(don't bother to ask for the xtra ones,
unfortunately, they were up for grabs four years ago!)
I love to play the songs over and over
until i memorized almost all the adlibs...

so for you guys who are part of the post encounter class...
enjoy the song,
best--enjoy being a child of God!!!
Remember, many are eagerly waiting to
see your sonship (daughter-ship) revealed!
Romans 8:19


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