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we had our youth reload staff island hopping today
at Talikud Island, IGACOS
(Island Garden City of Samal)...
so fun and so relaxing!!!
it was all nature (plus our silly BCC nature, haha)
mababaw lng talaga ang kaligayahan namin.
in short, corny!
we had our second stop at one of the long white stretch
of Talikud. we played games and ate lunch.
we baked ourselves under the scorching heat of Mr. Sun
as we lavished ourselves with lots of digi clickin's.
it seemed like we own the whole virgin resort.
i really enjoyed snorkeling...
all the fishes graced my being there.
they really entertained me.
and oh the corals! lovely!
i literally pained my hands
as i unconsciously held on to my life jacket too tightly!
i actually don't now how to swim.
i can't even dog stroke! haha.
but i dared myself at plunging into cold green waters
of Samal. and it's perfectly worth the WHY-NOT.
so just after my 1-hour jumping, kicking, floating
in the deep, i terribly sprained my right leg
when i climbed up the boat.
it's just good that i was all done with my soakin'. hehe.

so here i am waiting for my dampened hair to dry totally.
i'm already looking forward to another hoppin'
to some island in November (joke!)
it's because i had gone to one last month. hehe.
i ain't dreamin' yet.
i am wide awake.
it's actually weird that i don't crave for sleep
after a very energetic day!
i was totally strengthened by the beach getaway!
wooh, new discovery for me!
sea, sand and sun is no longer stress for me!
haha... thank you summer for extending! ;-D


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