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It was our last day of the trip. We actually wanted to go to Wild Wild Wet at Pasir Ris. After knowing that they're closed every Tuesday, we found ourselves heading to Jurong East, which is twenty-three MRT stops from where we were that noon. Nonetheless, we headed towards SSC. My companions haven't been there anyway, so it's worth the trip--and the cheapest place we could spend the afternoon with. At 6 SGD, you could take all your time studying the exhibits on primary science, DNA learning lab, robotics, marine life, lasers, energy, physics, chemistry, etc.

My second time at the Singapore Science Center still brought to me amazement at how they creatively organized primitive and revolutionary facts. Now with two of my disciples, we were able to appreciate how God slowly enabled man to uncover a little of His inexhaustible wisdom. U could just stop and say why did God not revealed to man all these knowledge in one single year? Why did it take man decades and centuries to slowly build-up on his found knowledge? You know the answer. And I don't want to know more. I just want to worship my God and be left amazed at His greatness.


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