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The Math in my Father's Business

Catching the Spirit of the Vision definitely puts our lives into focus. As a PK (Pastor’s Kid), I am tempted to just go with the traditional flow of contently watching my parents on the platform of our church. And me? I busied myself pursuing my plans of besting the rat race! Blessed to have parents who are serious in running the vision, I not only found myself hurling my personal dreams, I caught myself giving my all for the very thing they were running after = the God of the Vision. Are there any regrets? Well, realizing that I never wanted to be the best rat anyway, there is zero remorse actually. (Oh, save for the fact that we lost a number of friends as casualties in the battle... Soldiers lose their best buddies sometimes, right?)

The last four years have been a chemistry of struggle and victory for us. Youth Reload, the weekly convergence of our youth cell leaders and members was borne to us in 2005. It is powered by now eighty youth cell leaders who operate in campuses, offices and neighborhood. Our campus ministry, Y=12n (Youth To The Nations) which is registered in four key universities in the city contribute to the growing number of leaders being manufactured in the kingdom!

We never have regrets. We do admit of having failures. Yet, we love them, because they push us in maneuvering our big ship to our destination! I thought serving God is about painfully throwing our personal dreams, rather, it is a joyful investment of dreams as we desire for multitudes (Then God does the Math! Vision = Multitudes + Best Version of our Dreams). Tasting the initial results of the vision, we continue to say what my Papaps coined: Mao na ni pero dili pa ni mao! We are expecting an increase as we continue to love God and love people. By God’s abundant grace, mosanay mi!


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