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I slept so late last night since i worried much about today's urgent service Youth To The Nations was called for--that is to serve Holy Cross of Davao College's freshmen orientation. haha, more than the urgency, it was an honor of course to welcome the freshmen. We set up a booth and provided a bowl of verses (promises!) for them to pick. We gave out free sign pens (an investment!) and asked the freshies to sign-up for the org. More of a benefit, eh? Definitely.

Almost the same thing happened with Y2dN-UM. We were the only club who assisted the incoming first year students in their enrollment. Walked them through the whole process and then of course, recruited them to Y2dN!
Why would we forget USEP? Well, Mrs. Villarente said in a flick to one of the university's campus clubs should welcome the freshmen! A given, yes, she was talking to one of our leaders! (Chem2x to be specific!) So there the banner hangs and forms open for the freshies!
Ah, an academic year that holds a lot of surprises!

Amazing coincidences of opportunities? No. We prayed for them. And now we have lots of contacts to consolidate! thank you, Lord.
My day ended with a tiring walk around Uyanguren area (China Town!) with AJ. Saw one of our churchmates who gave us money for a Jolly snack! haha... and of course, Youth Reload. Who can get by with a week without it?
And now I'm here. finishing my pinataka dish (my own salad invention of nata de coco and other creams!).
I have one fine day to close. Fruitful day? Call it splendid! Busy? Exhausting.

I'm closely closing it now.
with a hope that tomorrow will be another day of leaping from being stuck in day 1 of my 21-day challenge!!!
good night everyone.


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