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don't be sad. just change.

"Don't be sad. Just change!" were Ps. Rich Witmer's (of Generations Church, Yuma, Arizona, USA) almost-defeaning words at the G12 Summit held yesterday & today (June2-3, 2008 - Durian City, Philippines!). Tricky but challenging. Well, I didn't leave the smaller hall of the CAP Auditorium just contested. Something in my built-in spiritual "ipod" just right the side of my ears keep playing the words over and over as if in a repeat mode. Hey, was I sad at some points of the preaching? Well, I won't be bothered by the words if I wasn't. I was so blessed by His ministry. I have heard him preach so many times already and my soul always have its full portion every time. But it was only this time that he brought his wife, Melissa, to minister. Her spirit is so inspiring. I am so glad me and my girls (and of course, BCC gang! patatalo ba?!) received ministry. Lord, bless them more!
my notes @d Summit:
SEVEN BLOODSHED (from Ps. Cesar Castellanos, ICM, teaching)

Do you think you need a new beginning?
New beginnings can only come by the washing of BLOOD
Noah's time--washing of water
but Salvation requires the washing through the BLOOD
The blood of Jesus is eternal. It is in heaven. We can see it when we go there. It is at the altar. The Lamb that was slain. It is so powerful that it heals, saves, revives. If only it is sold at ebay even just a drop, how many would bid! People would give their all just for that drop of Blood that could take away their miseries, mend their broken hearts and raise their dead.
But we don't get to pay for it. It was given to us for free!
The Body of Jesus--was a powerful container that it carried the Blood of Jesus.
But it has to die so that the blood won't only be contained and limited to the place where the body goes. When it was pierced and broken at the Cross, it healed and restored many.
We have to go to the Cross not just talk about it.
There's a difference between knowing and experiencing.

Luke 22:44
-He was in an incredible amount of stress that His sweat was with blood
-the stress & anguish of thinking about His disciple who would betray Him. It hurt him. Judas was close to Him since Judas was prophesied to dip with Him in the same cup (at the last supper).
Jesus bled as He sweat to save us from betrayal:: US being betrayed and US betraying others. this world is good at betrayal.
If you won't forgive, you get bitter. Jesus taught us to forgive to keep us from being bitter.
I am forgiven. I must feel forgiven.

2. THE ROMAN WHIP - Isaiah 53:36
A nine-strand whip of bones and metals at the end. Jesus was flogged with it 39 times. Enough to show open His internal organs. And there are 39 categories of major diseases discovered!
Jesus bled for my sicknesses and diseases. Even emotional pangs are redeemed! Sin of whatever form is cleansed through Jesus.

-represents prosperity and conquest
prosperity not only represents material blessing; but the ability to prosper. to move from glory to glory. to grow in the Lord.
-to prosper is a mindset
-the less is blessed by the greater, so be great to bless others!
-we can;t bless our city if we have a poverty mindset.
-we don't take sides. we take conquest.
-my prosperity depends on Kingdom Economy.
-Gen 3:17-19
-anything in the Bible that talks abt being worn in the head means a mindset
-we are a people who work and gets the return!
-Satan owned the world when he tempted Jesus to bow down to him since Adam gave the serpent (Satan) the world when he was deceived through disobedience.
-Never say anything against your NATION.
-Never say anything against your CITY.
-Never say anything against your CHURCH.
-Never say anything against your PASTOR.
-Never say anything against your LEADER.
-Never say anything against your SPOUSE.
-Never say anything against your CHILDREN.
-Never say anything against your DISCIPLES.
If people want to be blessed, they have to enter in a covenant.
God is taking arguments in my favor! Woohoo!

-Jesus restored our self-esteem
-God cares about how you think about you.
-When we desire to be like God, it is ok because God made us that way; to be like Him; and we are actually made in His image. Lucifer sinned because he was not created in the image of God and he desired to be like the most high.
Jesus looks good on me.
Listen to God. Not to your emotions. Emotions lie.
Don't say bad things about yourself. It's not your work. It's the devil's.
There's nothing good in me that not God in me.
If I allow the Enemy to work, I am limiting myself.
Don't try to go up without changing your mind?
Dreams: to believe it; to speak it; to breathe it.

We didn't come here to learn. We come here to change. By accident on our part. By design on God's part.

the world loves Jesus, the people who hated Him were the religious.
the world longs for a Savior.
We have to be the church that's like Jesus. The world is condemned by the Enemy already. We are the Church. We should bless them.
=to affect with some feeling
=to make a difference
=to make contact
touching vs. touching?
a. bumping accidentally
b. intentional touch with faith
*So the Devil crucified Jesus so that He couldn't touch people and they won't be healed anymore. But he is stupid once again. He nailed Jesus and caused Him to bleed. This time we are all touched by His blood.
Signs and wonders follow the believers.
Jesus=contained God in this earthsuit; He could only minister to places where this body goes; But He died so he could be everywhere.


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