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I Dunno How To Stay Loved

In High School, I was already good at pretensions--trying to live up to the expectations of the "experts." I was successful in become a mind throb. I made them believe that I was that good. But really, I only became a pleaser and lost "me."
I am not much of a crier. But when I saw this vid, I really felt my heart break into pieces in shame of really working too hard to be loved by the One I serve. Over the years, I had been like the others who wanted to be somebody I thought people would only love to hang out with. Somebody who is just like the rest.

But hey, I wasn't left all that. I found Jesus and He brought freedom to my captive soul. Woohoo!

So every time I watch this clip, I am reminded that when, again, I try to do all the tiring stuff of pleasing people, I am in the rut.

To be loved is to be known. To be loved is to stay assured that somebody loves us the way we are. No pushing too hard.


pawayusa98 said...

There is pleasure in "loving" and in "being loved"... sometimes we fall on being too focused at the "pleasure" not on the LOVE...

Whenever LOVE is pure and true, it can only come from the outflow of the true Source--God... :)

terej_supergirl said...

: )

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