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I woke up feeling all-too-princess-y today. (Mind you, green tea is effective!) As Monday's keep all of us busy, mine usually starts at 3AM to beat the 8AM deadline of my work week. But this morning, I opted to sleep well and sleep deep. Good for me, I surmise. I need all the rest in the world while half of me thinks that I need all the work that I can be opportuned with. Three-months and a half to go.


Here is another week that gets me caught up in all things and icons that are kingdom-ly. First off, Kabacan ministry will commence on Saturday--and I will be there (woohoo!); Merje, Mayee, Ilyn and I are conceiving mode of Samal ministry; while Langga is getting Mati ready for invasion; I have three klosels (mine, Langga's, and Blessy's) to hold this week; and I should be finalizing the vintage chair that I wanted to get. I have never felt so near to doing the kingdom-agenda and so close to being the Church--the Bride of Christ--until I am here--getting ready to be wed.

(I need to start a different blog).


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