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Jacob and Wait-chel

(Is this part II? No, not just yet)

He sees. She believes. [Blink]. The perfect picture of fear--white and without print.
He braved the words that faith alone can speak. She uttered nothing, not because there was no faith; for to conceal the words is to reveal the heart. [Hum].
He is rain. She is sunshine.[Sniff]. The ground smells the same, even if it shouldn't.
He is sugar. She is spice. [Gulp]. Their presence brought in a stirring.
He paced. She stepped-in. [Poke]. Is their a journey to start?

He dies. She mortifies.  
He dares the cold. She marks the time.
He works. She waits.
He sows. She seeds. Both reaps.

The wind blows. The wings flow.
The heart minds. The head feels.
He is Jacob. She is Rachel.
Either we change the story
Or we change the characters. 



Miss Yanny said...

LIKE! (hehe. gihimong FB)

pastowej said...


Blessy Emperio Bugas said...

im excited to meet your Jacob mom.. sa tinood lang, i'm more into that thought than me seeing my jacob (cguro for now) haha

Anonymous said...

weee! everybody's excited to meet ur jacob...haha! nakit-an na nimo?!?...hmmmm...

pasto♛ej said...

@blessy----cge, dee, ubani kog bantay kung niabot na ba xa! wahahaha.

@anonymous----lagi noh? ngano kaya naexcite pud sila?

wengky said...

ako pud terej... pareho kay blessy... my heart is excited for you (but still at rest for myself)...

pasto♛ej said...

controlled excitement nalang? ahaha.

langgita said...

count me in titas..hehhaha:)

pasto♛ej said...

owkay, may he be the best of the bests... waaah =p

nagdepend ni sa sabot nato kay Lord =D

Anonymous said...

wen kya?

read the runes

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