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CONSOLIDATION makes a rhythm...

consolidation now begins!

Lunch blast last Sunday--buttered chicken...
(tinitipid na) rice... Coke sakto... the favorite mango float (thx to Blexii)... and of course--my girls who completed the festive time! Everyone was so excited to share their praise reports. I actually told AJ on our way to Amorens (ang suking tindahan)--freeze your excitement 'til we get there... and let everyone share your joy! When we got to the place, everyone was mama-ing... my eleven twelve (Weng had her 7/3 duty). Banquetting over a simple meal, I was actually consolidating and hitching their weekly scoops. In this very berth, I relish every moment with my already grown, all-ready, and all-in girls. Consolidation doesn't end. Food is powerful. haha.

I was telling them of Val's experience on winning and consolidation. Last June, Val handed Joshua and his guy friends a 4D-ticket at G-mall. Not very cogent I know, because we usually hand flyers, tickets and sometimes calamansi juice at campuses. But this time, Val was happily shocked at Joshua's cloud-nine felicity--Yey!!! Finally I am invited to Reload... I have heard this before and was actually waiting to be invited. Thank You Lord!!! ---------Wow? and more wows at Val's perfect
consolidation combo--prayer and gleeful (imagine his trademark grin) kamustahan that I get to sit beside them at the G12 Summit. Patakod beh...

Mimay, too, showed-off her consolidation stint yesterday. She boldly walked to Ivan's invite (Angelie), got the story and a conso-date this week. Yeah I know you want to hear the spiel, so here it is
(as if mahaba): Angelie was actually waiting at People's Park--not for a date--but in a lucid hope that somebody would come to share the good news. She would go there just for that reason. Ibang klase! That Saturday, she waited... and tarried some more. She texted her cousin why someone [from above] wasn't showing up. 'Just linger, someone would surely come, maraming nagsh-share diyan...' was the reply. (You now get that there's a change of city buzz--woooooh!!!) God didn't fail her. Moments after, she got what she was there for.

The field is white. Doubtlessly.

It's winning time and some more.

Oh, you know what [some more] is =).


Jez said...

Wow, wow, wow.
Praise God for all these!

terej_supergirl said...

yes, Praise GOD!!! =)

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