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my valentine birthday

okay, i know this is a late blog.
but i have to try to document
(though it's almost impossible to do so!)
how special was the day i turned twenty-six.

a bunch of twenty-five red roses
was delivered at the middle of our
usually Monday staff meeting.

the mysterious guy who brought them
got all the girls so kilig.
the whole room was filled with what sounded
as a choreographed shouting...
they hated it when i kept saying it's from a gal pal...
no, i think they're from my girls... Eagurlz!!!
the love note gave me clues...
Prov18:22 and one other verse...
from the Fuego de Dios network kaya?
James who was present commented that
the handwriting is Val's.
(actually, it's Langga's)
the cute little note ended with
from: 26th rose bearer.
i joked at Juvy, "what if this is from Dacs?"
hahaha... it left us all lol-ing.
we all tried to continue with the meeting
since the Women's Encounter is at hand.
yet, we all could not keep away from wondering
who's up to this?
i kept asking Chemis, "you know about this, right?"
"how much did you pay for this?"
hahaha, her guilty eyes couldn't lie!
Kilet came to meet her pre-enc girls,
we also bugged her with questions!!!
she was successful at spilling nothing!
Chairman Ating was the most kilig in the group.
and her kilig virus ran up to Ate Emma and Juvy..
but Ate Jingle insisted that they're from girls...
she examined the roses,
felt it with her chest...
scrutinized the note
and the words on it!
haha, she just knew when flowers come from a man
or from girl friends!

so we waited for sundown
for Mr. Twenty-Sixth Rose Bearer to come.

we were supposed to have our
Primary Twelve Women's Close Cell,

but mamams opted to have it at
Chicken Ati-atihan for some chicken cut grabbies.
meanwhile, the girls were planning to come to church
but Chairman Ating--who acted like innocent,
and was very very convincing,
was actually part of concocting the birthday surprise--
texted the group to switch plans.
The connivance almost messed up but

I believe she queued them to go to Chicken Ati.
While dining, she was acting like
telling Lalai to tell the full throttle
of the Rose Bouquet Mystery

while the girls were readying
for the greeting salvo!!!
While Ate Debbs, Juvy, Ate Jingle were listening,
the girls came with fuchsia and purple balloons,
along with happy and loud greetings!!!
All the Ati guests looked at us
since we filled the place with shouts...
Bemboy, who drove us there waited for his queue
and stood to hand me the rose!!!
we all shouted in surprise
and i kissed my favorite brother!!!

awww... how sweet!!!
Papaps could have been the One...
yet he missed the victimizing surprise!
and so Bem played the part...
Ate Emma came late and gifted me
a red heart box.
She asked if Mr. Twenty-Sixth Rose Bearer
already came... we told her yes
and that he already went home!
She can't concentrate with her dinner
at kinukulit kami kung sino...
they told her the clue is "B" and "J"
a) BenJie???
b)Balbino Jr? (hahaha--c kuya dodong)
c)Brylle John (blessy's younger bro)
then, we told him
it's "Bemboy" or "J.Salem"
(bem, u really made the night so special & fun!)

almost all the young people at church wondered who's who.
we came home facing a lot of querries.
ang sarap makipaglaro, but kawawa naman
ang susunod na mabibiktima...
super fun talaga ang day!

thanks to the Eagurlz Doce who planned it,
and you, miss Rizza Jean Rivera a.k.a. Langga
who masterminded it!!!
hahaha, you're super creative!
thanks sa barkada mo who came to deliver it
because of a Burger meal bribe! hahaha!!!
thanks to all who signed the birthday greeting compilation!
thanks to Mamams
who did not tire of picturing me! hehe...

Twenty-six na jud ko Mams...yet the photos resemble my photos in high school
(wait til i get to scan them,
just to compare...Asus!)...

ewan ko bah, i'm so trying hard to look my age!!!
i really want to look like i'm twenty-six!
parang high school lang ako noh??? wahehehe....
joke lang!!!

i then closed the day counting all the SMS greetings
in my phone and replying to the Fster msgs...
ang saya pala maging twenty-six.
here's the official reply to the 100+ SMS greetings:
Thx _____! I thk God 4 fnds lyk u ;)
Thx 4 taking tym 2greet!
Special thx 2d best parents n d wrld:
Ruffy & Merlyn Lagat...
Sissie Lai ug Bro Migz..
Ug xmpre, I wnt 2 thk
my ever faithful
Producer, Manager,
Director & Boss:
4 wo Him,I am super nothing.
(Hhha, feeling artEsta!
Dats bcos u made ds day
xtra spxal 4me! Weee!)

again, THANK YOU, everyone
for remembering! ;D


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