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2nd PCGAMI G12 Youth Summit

Migz climbing the Bukidnon Overview ladder

My ka-Eagurl, Joyce!

my turn of the photo opps...
nasa People's Park ba ako???

las chicas agilas at the top!!!
papaps trying to map out the rest of the trip!

a power off at the first night of the Summit...
pero power din ang Unleashing message ni
Youth Reload Chairman Ating!

grashoppers (a.k.a Team BCC) at the Summit!
Nasuli, Bangcud, Malaybalay City

111 sifted youth leaders converged for the
2nd PCGAMI G12 Youth Summit!

2nd Day: How to Facilitate a Team Building Training
(that's our team, Soul Seekers,doing the Sponge Focus)

"Crossing Over"
De-briefing Time

Joyce and Rejoice

Soul Seekers Team

getting ready for the Filipiniana Night

"ibong mang may layang lumipad...
kulungin mo at umiiyak..."
Eagurlz maxado diba?

Migz & Juvy for the Tinikling

MCs Bradix Jethro & Bradix Ronald

mga dalagang pilipina!

Team BCC Midnight Meeting3rd day: Goal Setting & Prayer Time

chuy na GMRC speaker

last night...
we didn't finish the praise & worship...
and it went super awesome!
so we just sat down right where we were
to listen to the exhortation of the Word!

that's Papaps...

I believe we all went home energized, enriched and equipped!
I could still remember the very morning
on a July 2007 Staff Fasting at Hope Mt.,
where I heard God telling me to gather the PCGAMI young people.
I was a little scared since I have never been
that involved with PCGAMI's youth gatherings
especially with the regional sphere.
I called up ate Raya & Kuya Joey Gregorio
to share with them the burden...
Just head on, it confirmed their very desire to gather
the youth leaders of the religion (hahaha!).
we met bu August 2007 in Cagayan de Oro City
(my first time to bus travel for 7hrs straight!)
along with Kuya Paul & Jing Cagadas,
Jay Sayon, Aneth Poloyapoy, Hope Tiempo,
Eric & Yayang Ejosa and
Kuya & Michelle Tabor.
Twelve people who have a heart for the young people!
Isn't it prophetic?
The first one last year was set
to light a fire in the young people.
The recent one was a real equipping time...
I wonder what would happen next year!
I hope it happens here in Durian City!

***to all who came!
God bless you guys!!!
mail and keep us posted!


3739 said...

Hello! Nice blog and write-up with PCGAMI G12 Youth Summit!

Daddy Joe and Momie Gregorio was featured lol! They're the best!

Anyway, do you know Ptr. Herbert, Ptr. Faith and the rest of the gang over at CDO?

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