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vision casting at JILMI

we left davao at three in the afternoon yesterday.
we were bound for JILMI
(Jesus is Lord Ministries International),
Digos City.
i brought AJ along with me
since i can't bring the eleven others yet.
we jumped into the Holiday bus
and readied ourselves for the youth vision casting
with prayers and songs.
We were welcomed by a darkened city
because the power went off the whole day.
we pushed through with the activity, though.
(since we're already there! haha!)
Cathy, Ps. Ally's and Ps.Marlyn's youngest daughter
greeted us with a candle-lit dinner.
came seven-thirty, we started the night.
and at the first song,
the place was electrified.
God is really good, right?
Favor is on our side!
I shared about Mary's divine encounter
and her discipleship to Elizabeth.
I wish to share the points in the message.
but that would be on a different blog,
if you don;t mind! ;-D
we retired at the Floreses
and spend the wee hours with Cathy.
knowing her and the youth group,
giving tips and developing sisterhood.
still jumpy,
AJ and I continued to talk at our room
about our goals, victories
and what else we can do for our network.
We ministered that night
yet, we felt like receiving our own
portion of fire and ideas for the Vision!!!
praise God!
We continued ministerting early today,
but this time, to a group of pastors
under Ps. Ally's network.
I was given the first session
(Working the G12 Vision)...
I had a great week,
and tomorrow will start another one.
ktfb, everyone!


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