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october praise

i hate to admit that i was frustrated
at the fact that we were not able to
photo-document the night...
all the regrets!
low batts and negligence on my part to check the cams!
tsk tsk tsk!
anyway, the night was a true party in the Spirit!
being able to understand
that on our own, we think we're good.
and at that, we're right.
just that--good.
and then failures are guaranteed to come rushing.
because we are never good enough.
our own standards fail
because God's never going to use it.
and so last night, we were able to trade
our own clothes of standards
and lifestyles...
we are ready to embrace a new robe,
purchased by Jesus
and is Jesus Himself!
We are ready to enjoy the wedding banquet with Him!
we are now qualified, not because of our own goodness
and efforts... but qualified through His grace!

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