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go for the gold, ma!

my mom turned fifty today...
i wish i still have my lola to enliven
what had happened on October 6, 1958.
anyway, what matters is that
after all these years,
my mom is still here fighting and enjoying
great blessings God graced her with.
i admit, we were not able to really plan her big day.
and so i managed to text all the friends we know
so that they can greet her even through an SMS.
i was glad that i heard her enjoying
her well-wishers' thoughts!
people came to bring her cake, gold and yellow tokens,
letters, etc.
i know more's coming this week!
she deserves to be celebrated
for the mother she is to us, her three grown kids
and to all of BCC.
we spent the night with an expensive dinner at
cafe marco (of marco polo hotel)...
what does [deserving] really mean?
haha, we can only
give her a fraction of its meaning!

we just want to say,
the world is so blessed to spend
golden years with you!
keep pounding rocks
and keep polishing us
that the gold within us, too, will be revealed!
u'r such a rare piece
that beautifies our worlds!
keep blessing and discipling this generation!
we really need women,
or better yet, "mothers" like you.
teach us!
go go go, mi mama!
happy birthday!


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