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fun with angels

i was visited by 3 little angels
just to being me joy
this early morning!
of course they were sent
to teach me to rejoice...
a follow-up of the Word last Sunday,
"you shall weep no more"
-Isaiah 30:18
Well,everybody knew i had a hard time sleeping
last Saturday night...
truthfully, 'weeping may remain for a night,
but rejoicing comes in the morning!'
i cna;t write the whole reason,
but here are the things that are certain:
-i will continue to run.
-my network's gonna be fine.
-my girls can overcome.
-i'm willing to learn.
-i'm willing to cry with my leaders.
-i'm willing to cry for my leaders.
-"when i fall, i will rise." -Micah7:8
-God is in control.
-but im willing to solve the problem.
-no running away.

Sure, i led the worship the following morning
and i was so glad to be set free.

unless i become a child,
i can't enter the kingdom of God!
ang sarap maging bata!
innocence and purity...
i'll be a child in awe of You, Jesus!


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