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[stop @bayugan, agusan del norte/5th hour of the trip]

always windy in this time of the year,

we headed off the road to agusan del norte.
we left early monday morning
as a team of eight:
my papaps, ma, butch, arnold,
ptr. noel, tita virgie (ptr. noel's wife)
and ptr. saniel.
we were booked to hold a series of encounters;
one in buenavista
and another in nasipit.
i was so excited when i first heard
that i was drafted to speak (hehe!),
but before leaving, i was all thrilled
about assisting the then-upcoming
youth reload @ people's park.
(first time for reload,
and first time for people's park to hold
and christian youth gathering!)
definitely torn.
but as i was at the hills of the
TMI (Teen Missions International) bootcamp,
i knew i was there for a purpose:
God's way of keeping me
in utter seclusion for himself
so that He can speak to me.[ptr. tommy mascariƱas]

when my pop, ma and i finished our first
sessions of the Encounter,
a number of pastors were left balling
in inspiration (if i may say that)
and in hope, too,
that they would minister with their kids one day.
well-known and veteran pastors spoke with me
and challenged me to meet their young(s).
there is such a need of ministry...
pastors get ministered in conferences,
and even pastor's wives get a doze in books...
but how about the PK's?
i do have a burden for PK's way back in
high school when some of my PK friends
were reportedly messing up...
but i can't believe that
this very burden would be awakened
at this very busy time of my life..
haha, as if i had been really idle...
like, soo idle as an iguana being stoned
in itself of doing really nothing!
so, in the midst of the pastor's encounter,
i was already machinating ideas of
a PK's event
and at the same time,
being bombarded with my pending work:
a. reload program assistance for Fri
b. team building facilitator's training by Sat
c. Pre-Encounter Conso for the Eagurlz net.
i am not promising that one would come
into fruition this year,
but i'm definitely saying YES to
whatever service i can give
in precipitating a gathering
to ignite the PKs.
my reluctance of leaving BCC last week
was replaced with a fresh enthusiasm
as i see a new dimension of ministry.

the trip was concluded with another
Encounter @Nasipit (as mentioned),
and the three of us: Butch & Arnold
rushed back to the city to join Reload.
Papa, spoke to another Encounter
at Panabo City last Sat.

yeah, we're busy.
but productive.if God continues to speak
even at the heap of things...
i'll never even include
RELUCTANCE in my dictionary again.


Jez said...

I have the same stirring passion for PKs, being a PK myself.
Maybe we could work on that!
Yun lang, we're at the ends of the country. :D

terej_supergirl said...

PKs need ministry... some"how's" needed to be taught & lead...

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