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i heart r E V O L ution

revolution is defined as either of the following:

1. a. Orbital motion about a point, especially as distinguished from axial rotation:
the planetary revolution about the sun.
b. A turning or rotational motion about an axis.
c. A single complete cycle of such orbital or axial motion
2. The overthrow of one government and its replacement with another.
3. A sudden or momentous change in a situation: the revolution in computer technology.
Geology A time of major crustal deformation, when folds and faults are formed.

Among the given definitions what we need is the third one. A change of situation is a result of a change of heart.
Gosh, it's embarrassing. But I have to get my heart changed. Rested. Corrected. Exposed.
I need a transplant, I guess.
I have to know love.
I have to know You more, God.
For You are Love.
Let the revolution start with me.
Come, begin to operate on me.

Check Hillsong United's The I Heart Revolution cd--the worshipping generation captured! It's gr8 for Devo!


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