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I was there standing in the midst of people working the challenges that Micah & Corie gave us tonight. Haah, you bet they were very exhausting... but rewarding as always! Haha.

Well, yeah, what I am suppose to write tonight? Nothing, except that I find myself continually happy that I am surrounded with skilled yet humble people who love to work hard and know how to be goofy at times... Truth be known, we hear people talk about how God has been using our youth group in different places especially our beloved Durian City. We have barely made a scratch though, but [some] lives are changing already. Yeah, some. 'Cause we believe for more.

Before we left the church tonight, we huddled on how to enjoy the coming camp and minister to the other leaders at the same time. We want to do something bigger. In the midst of a mushroom of sprouting youth groups, we want to make a mark. For what? Fame? Is that the plan? If God was tangibly standing there, we could have been all poked on that stupid idea. His plan is the plan. And it's not name. Or fame. (Whichever!) And besides, since when has this thing been in any way, shape or form reliant on whether WE could make things happen...NEVER.. and when did we start going some "where" without God's plan? We believe we have God's plan in our leaders' hands and is passed on to us.

It's His plan always. We write it down. We rely on Him even in the juicy details. We execute the plan. Minister through it. And most of the time, ministered also. We really enjoy every God-moment there is in a God-idea. A very good realization today, you agree? In all the team building activities, there's a goal and there's a plan. As a Christian family, there's only one plan. Salvation. The form changes. The strategy changes. But the mission is the same: Rescue.

Tomorrow's the last night of the Team Building sked we made. The first two had been great. And it surely is progressively grueling! (Good luck na lang!?) But in all significance, it captured our thoughts in random; our skills in diversity; our weaknesses in exposure; and potentials lying in wait. Ah, there's intrigue and character found in every corner of the building.

It's about celebrating lives in complete motion but geared in one direction: towards our Maker!


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