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i really never thought things would be this way up at a silver year. you get to travel places, meet new people and lead a thriving generation of love-struck and time-hungry people. what a privilege!

everyday's a level-up day lately and circles of uncertainty keep brushing on me. nonetheless, divine petitions keep me at a moving hold.

who thought a simple life is always complex at a point? we have to juggle all the daily requirements to pass one single test of faithfulness, a.k.a. character!--one that comes at a battery of little but long trials. an almost perplexing thought of ruggedness of an unassured future makes me think that truly God is bigger than i think He is. it's a lovely point to make that if what i come to experience are circumstances i can manage alone, then there's no need for a big God in me.

so what else is there in simplicity? is it music or stillness? a sunrise or noisy evening? badminton or driving? photos or messages? an upcoming program or cell meetings? the staff gathering or MEIL assignments? apps or RTW? jeans or skirt? red or gray? muscled or mushy? load lifting or apathy? chocolate or pink? mango shake or lugaw? my gurls or my journal?

all things were pressing hard on me, one time. then, today, i'm famished of all their existence!


life is truly cool for a simple girl who has a Daddy long legs! (woooooo, you bet He's always up for a rescue every time she's hard-pressed, and oh, well, abandoned). is indeed a miracle when it is truly felt. ask me!


Amy Rose said...

its nice to hear from u again... and ur back into writing... i mean this time u publish it online. cool!

if u want others to read ur blog, u can also post it on our newly established website at

enjoy writing supergurl! :)

terej_supergirl said...

hello ams...thx sa comment.. haha, wala lang, trip lang nako magsulat.. nanganak na ka? nagkita gud mi sa imo ate... duol lang daw ato haus...

by the way, is this your own site? wow, cge...

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